BMW B800 and INPA, which better turn off E39 airbag light


BMW E39 Problem and my request:

I have one BMW E39, The Airbag light is on, need to turn it off. It was towed when it overheated. I cannot think of any other thing that might have upset the car in any way. The car is running fantastic after the repairs. I went to an auto parts store and they fumbled around with their code reader. They said they could not get a reading In the past, they used the code reader to help me look up some codes. So I know their code reader did work in the past. I own a cheap Autel MS310 scanner, but mine does not do airbags. The light blinks once, and then stays on after the ignition key is turned on. I thought maybe someone kicked something, under the seat, but probably not. All of the wiring looks and feels solid. The car battery was low for a while, and I have since charged it back to full after the repairs. Plus the battery is group 49. BTW, I just noticed this light during the time the car was down for repairs.

I don’t want to spend much. I do not want to invest in any more specialized tools, I have way too many and I will sell a lot of them when I sell the car. No more buying special tools! I will not need them again after this. Anyone recommend a place, a shop, a store, a person, etc? Thank you!
Cheap working airbag reset tools for BMW E39 were recommended:
Then I wrote down my problem in BMW forum hoping someone had the same issues with me and sharing me their experience.
The tools recommended: BMW INPA, SRS tool, BMW B800 Airbag Scan/Reset Tool.

One forum member said BMW INPA:
“INPA compatible cable + INPA software will clear the codes. It was the BMW factory tool when they made E39. FIY with INPA compatible cable and correct software you can do pretty much anything. Today I flashed the newest auto trans (EGS) software with Winkfp to cure slow engagement issue for a local bimmer enthiuast.”

Another member said BMW B800 airbag reset tool:
“I bought a cheap B800 for $26, IIRC.
Randy said it looked like a copy of the Peake SRS.
Used it on a friends car, it worked.”

BMW INPA and BMW B800, which is better???
Experience from one member: If you just want a one-time use tool to reset he airbag codes, get B800. INPA is a fully blown diagnostic tool, which needs to be installed on a laptop.

According to my needs mentioned above, I paned to buy one B800 SRS Airbag scanner/light reset.

Which place that sells BMW B800 Airbag Scan/Reset Tool gets them NJ USA faster?

A lot of them say 5-20 days… I read that some people ordered and go them in a few days, but didn’t say where from? I see a bunch of different companies, many listed on eBay, Amazon, and other websites, I wondered if someone can vouch for a company and had a good experience with them.

Then some members recommend me this site Then I got one cost me $25.99 in total including shipping fee, got it in 7 days. If I add some shipping fee, I would get it in 3 days, it is $5-$10 cheaper than Amazon.

B800 did clear the Airbag SRS light, all was fixed it is easy to do by following the manual book.