Autel IM608 key programmer reviews success & failure

Credits to all DK members who shared their Autel IM608 key programmer test reports on what work and not work.

Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508 Key Programming Guide

Autel IM608 success:

2013 Volvo S60
Add proxy key success
remove KVM & CEM
read on bench
renew locked used key with xhorse key tool
add key via obd with bench data
45min job start to finish

  1. My autel im608 is great! Really enjoy the Volkswagen programming functions, and it has some decent scanning abilities as well. looking forward to where they go in the future.
  1. Using IM508 , good tool for VW MQB and BMW FEM and BDC programming
  2. Toyota smart key AKL, 2000 E320 W210, on bench, 13 minutes. fd’s done on bench.



  1. Mercedes EIS passwordcalculated successful by Fd.


  1. BMW x5 Diesel 2015 BDC key program, fast, super fast


  1. Jeep Compass 2018read pin and programmed proximity key 5 min job


Autel IM508
last 3 days:
Fiat Grande Punto 2006, success, read PinCode , instant pin code calculation
Alfa Romeo 147 2007, success, read pincode after reading eeprom (10min)
Skoda Octavia 2007. success , read pin code , read dash eeprom

Success – Programming Freelander ’09 Key insert module.
Took 5 minutes after spending hour pissing around with JLR dealer kit. LOLs this game

  1. Yes I confirm this also. No problem using a mobile phoneto get internet access on the IM600/IM608. Never had a problem with this.
  2. 2019 Honda CR-V proxy
    Add key 2 minutes
  3. so far ive been impressed with im608, like us every tool has an off day , but so far its done all I’ve thrown at it , to the point il try it on a lot more that I normally use other tools for . I’m sure at some point it will fail on something it shouldn’t , all do , but so far its proven to be a worthwhile addition
  4. First Mercedes with my im608.. 2012 sprinter instant calculation2 minute job max.
  5. Toyota verfire key programmed and Nissan ignition fault identified ..

autel-im608-success-061 autel-im608-success-071

  1. Had this tools a couple of years now. Autel IM600, bought when it was totally new and unknown. And almost no one sold.
    So the price was lower for a short while, at that time. So I took the chance.
    With updates it’s getting better.
    But at the beginning, I wasn’t that pleased with it.
    But it has saved me a couple of times, when no other tool I have would not do it.And also,it’s nice to have a good diagnostic tool as well.
    That means something, it’s a must in this business.
  2. 2010 VW golf add key success, add OEM remote success.
  3. AutelIM508do BMW f series keys and Mercedes keys with xp400.
  4. Done first Merc today with 608
    2002 C-class W203 spare key Read password through IR in 2 minutes as experiment went back in through working key in EIS calculated pin in under 5 minutesWhile in there popped boot to see if function worked through OBD

    This will be tool of choice for MB spares and use VVDI for AKL

  5. Mercedes W209done on bench as a test first calc 35mins 2nd try 10 mins
    Lot of cables to connect to do these

For AKL MB is better to have G-BOX.

  1. Pulled immo code on 2006 Jeep Cherokee
    and added key in 2 minutes
    MVP, Xtool pad, Obdstar, SKP900 and everything else I threw at it wouldn’t pull pin
  2. Autel IM608 is capable of doing cas4 through obd if you have a good battery support. And they’re close to release Vauxhall Vivaro 2016> akl obd, they’ve done a successful test a few weeks ago
  3. . I have my hopes for the BMW software. Which is primarily what I fell into.The coding software on the diag side isn’t horrible but it isn’t great. It’s user friendly but doesn’t let you get crazy. I don’t have BMW explorer or autohex just because they are huge money and it was easier to meddle my way through the German.ISN reading has gotten better and faster.

    If you go into restore flash over obd you can see they have a straight ZUSB reflash under development.

    And it does have the j2534 that I’ve had really good luck using with standard tools, even if it took a lot of long nights getting setup.

    Not bad for a tool I bought to read pin codes from chyslers.

    The xp400 pro is under dev that is supposed to have even more functionality. The apb113 for pcfxxxx like what vvdi prog has. Hopefully the gen 2 will unlock the pin code reading function in the xp400 windows software.

    I imagine autohex or explorer will give you the ability to read working hours or powerclass without having to go to standard tools. Or change UIF entry without having to use a hex editor.
    Those are other things that the IM607 could definitely take advantage of.

    But to what I think your point is, where does the scope of what a key programmer should need to do to be viable. I already feel like it goes above and beyond. If you are programming a key, why would you need to change CAS ISN, or write ISN in boot mode, and backup flashes for DME and such things.

Autel IM608 failure:

  1. Autel IM608 wouldn’t program a Renault master 2015 wouldn’t read pin, Lonsdor K518Sand RET programmed ok.
  2. bench mode reading the isn of msd gives security error now (Yanhua mini acdp+ module 3+ Bench interfaceworks)
    trying to get that fixed lots of logs ive been sending and talking to support
  3. Failed – Volvo XC60
    – once found file it read … says module can’t be deciphered.
  4. I have Maxisys Elite, when doing newer cars . It doesn’t have parameter reset even with IM608
  5. Skoda Superb 2011….
    Left laptop at home so –
    IM608- kept saying failed then reported no internet. Went into advanced option and same
    SmartPro – Crashed so gave up. Coded remote as always on VAG.Ended up cloning using VVDI2hand tool – FUNNY internet access succeeded where IM608 didn’t.
  6. Done a few Mercs now very impressed. Yes its good for add key but if calculation is longer than 20 minutes don’t waste your time – do it on bench or use other tool. Totally agree use im608for spare keys AKL on bench with VVDI Prog& VVDI MB.

To be upgrading…