Autel IM608 / IM508 Pincode reading Hyundai i10 ID46 AKL

Question: need vin to pin to add a spare key to 14 Hyundai Elantra.

Answer: Autel IM608 / IM508 can read the pin only on some ID46 models. For example, it can read Pincode by OBD for Hyundai i10 ID46 All Keys Lost. Seeing is believing, go forward reading the procedure below.


This is ECM (the front and the back).


And this is Smatra.


i10(IA) -> 2014-2016-> Blade key ->


Immo Status Scan, and it will display the scanning status.


Tap “Read Pincode”.


Read Immobilizer Password (46 Blade Key).


Read Pincode by OBD.


This function only supports models with 46 chip type blade key. Please ensure the key type is correct.


Reading password (This process takes a long time, please wait).


The password that is read: xxxxxx (6 numbers).


Alright, the job is done perfectly by Autel IM608 / IM508.