Autel DS708 .VS Autel MS908

Are you curious about what is difference between AUTEL MaxiSys MS908 and AUTEL DS708?How about making a comparison on them?Here let’s have a look at their PK.

Physical and fashionable design:

AUTEL MaxiSys MS908 is designed with separate tablet PC and independent diagnostic box;while ds708 is a combination of them into one device.


MS908 is with Samsung S3C244O Quad-core processor 1.4GHz,Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich,bigger touch screen display and 32 GB SSD Hard drive while ds708 does not have;with usb 2.0,wifi and Bluetooch,ds708 with Ethernet wifi and usb only.DS708 should be powered up when you want to have it used,without internal;while ms908 has an 11000mAh 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery;ds708 is a little lighter than that of latter.What is more,ms908 is with 5.0 Megapixel AF with flahlight,while ds708 is without camera(rear).


Shorter boot uptime on ms908,almost saving half time than that of ds708.


MaxiSys MS908 is far beyond the original capability of ds708,increased 50% speed in competing,capable of android operating system,more advanced in ECU coding,covering OE-level diagnostic solution with smart technology and repairs for shops and mechanics.

Prices :

AUTEL MaxiSys MS908 is about $2585and AUTEL MaxiDas DS708 about $859,much cheaper. More information please hase a check on chinasinoy