As a car scanner dealer/ middleman, how to choose a best supplier?

I mainly deal in French car scanners for 4 years in French, these tools include: Renault can clip, Lexia3, Multi-Di@g Access, FR704 and some other tools. Over the years, I have been asked whom you import from. I say it is online shop, I keep importing from uobd2 for 3 years. I clearly remember the first year when I began to deal in the scanners, I used to import from more than 4 suppliers until I realized uobd2 according to my friends recommendation.

best supplier

At that time, uobd2 is not as the same popular as it is now, but the customer service Juliana is very sincere and patient, the tech support is helpful; the price is not too high and sometimes it offer big discount. For the three years, it keeps upgrading, such as: add more and more intelligent function and humanized service; upload technical files, video and articles; establish tech-support team to provide better technical support; besides the video contest and Questionnaire activities reflect their sincerity of serving customers.

So, if you asked me, as a dealer / middleman, how to select a good supplier. I would like to share my personal options as follows.

1, the supplier must be aggressive and evolving, they are supposed to put the customers’ needs in the first place, they must keep try their best to meet the customers’ growing demand.


2, Good quality products are most. As the dealer in the local place, my customers are from my country and even my friends and relatives, only I supply the good quality products, can they trust me and keep buying from me.

3.Competitive price. If the supplier can’t offer our dealer a competitive price, then I will not consider it, as the dealer, we have to minimize the cost and maximize the profit. By the way, suggest you make use of the suppliers’ big discount activities.

4. nice customer service is the most important. It is supposed to be kind, patient and helpful, we are not one-time customers, nice customer service allow our dealers and suppliers to be good friends.

5.Warranty after-sales service. Good after-sales customer service including: return policy, products warranty, refund policy and return for repair (especially for the tools)

6.Technical support is essential. The most reason I choose is that it’s professional team can provide technical support, not like some suppliers which do not have tech support once their customers receive the tools.

Wish my personal experience will do you some favor if you are considering dealing in the car diagnostic tools or some other products. Welcome you share what your options with me.