A Locksmith’s experiences of Automatic V8/X6,CONDOR XC-007 and Korea MIRACLE-A7

When I engaged in automotive locksmith industry, a great number of people also engage in this industry, the pursuit to efficiency and quality is growing; also the technology content is also valued. At this time, I start to realize car key cutting machines. In the following parts, I would like to share my stories about key cutting machine.

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1.VIPER and 994 Laser

When I know them for the first time, they are amazing. Both Viper and 994 Laser have a long history and work very stably, they can directly cut key according to pin number, it can automatically finish cut the key after I press the button, even it has the ability to automatically reset the data for the wear key and finish cutting a fully new key. The machine is too amazing in function, also it is very expensive, it was about 20000USD 10 year ago and is now from $6666USD to $8333USD, it is so expensive that the self-employed locksmith can’t afford to it. But I have a dream to have a advanced key cutting machine.

2.Korea key cutting machine Miracle


Korea Miracle is cheaper about 4000USD, I bought one and happily take it home, I tried to cut a lot of keys as many as I can, it has no database in the machine and needs to connect with the computer to check the database as the user will, and the software driver is in the CD. Besides, I think the following aspects need to improve, such as:

1) every time when I want to read and cut key, the guiding pin and cutter need to change;

2) it needs 5 minutes to cut one piece of key, which is a little bit slower;

3) after I cut too many keys, the calibration error is growing.

3.Next, I know Korea MIRACLE-A7 Key Cutting Machine


A7 cutting machine needs to connect with the computer to check the database, and the supplier offer software driver in the CD, It is only English available, so not easier for the locksmiths who don’t know the English.

A7 has 4 advantages:

1) can cut single-sided and double-sided standard key and laser key;

2) can decode and cut; 3) one clamp for holding all types of keys

3) Light-weight (13.5Kg) and compact sized machine for easy carry.

4) Built-In battery.

5) The database is designed with both content and pictures, which help the user, choose right cutting type. The other features are as the same as that of A5.



CONDOR XC-007 is a typical made-in-china machine, at the beginning, I am dismissive to it, but later one of my friend strongly recommend it to me and even tell me its design ideal.

After testing, I conclude the following advantages of CONDOR XC-007:

  • Built-in database, easy to check the data, no need to connect with the computer, only when update it needs to connect laptop.
  • Double pin structure, no need to disassemble guiding pin.
  • The cutting speed is available to choose by myself, it is quicker than Korea A7 machine.
  • Update is easy online, no need to return back to the factory or install memory card.
  • The cutter and consumables is cheaper, most locksmiths can afford to it.
  • It is faster to add data and update for the Chinese cars, so it is more suitable for Chinese cars.
  • Can save cutting record.


CONDOR XC-007 disadvantages:

  • Too heavy, 36KG ( 79.37LB ) weight, 2 times as weight as MIRACLE-A7 and Automated V8/X6, it will cost more shipping fee.
  • A very few Chinese fonts here or there that has not converted to English.
  • The sound of the machine is loud.

5Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine


V8/X6 uniqueness: X6 can make a new key without original keys.

Like A7, it needs to connect to computer to check the database, it is only English available.

V8/X6 advantages compared with other key cutting machines:

  • Cheapest: Automatic V8/X6 is cheapest one compared with CONDOR XC-007, MIRACLE-A7 and Silca brand, it is US$1,159.00 sell in net for example.
  • Lightest: it is 13.4 KG (29.54LB), it is 2 times lighter than Condor XC-007, and 3.4KG lighter than Korea MIRACLE-A7, the more lighter the easier to take, and the cheaper the shipping cost.
  • Automatic: it is automatic key cutting machine, it represent the newest technology.
  • Powerful: it can do both external milling and vertical milling. It can be make almost all kinds of keys.