A little tool ck100 key programmer helps keep my love

My girl friend is on a business trip at Los Angeles, and won’t come back until 3 months later. However, Valentine’s Day is coming, I can’t bear she feel lonely at such a sweet day, then I’ve planned to give her some surprise, I decided to drive 3 hours to Los Angeles at 13th, Feb., and have a romantic valentine’s day with her.

On 11th, Feb., I bought a box of chocolate, a bouquet of rose, also

I dress up my car with elaborate care. Filled with joy and expectation, I was going to leave. But the unexpected incident happened; I found I lost my car key and no spare car, how do I drive my car? Then the first way is to buy a bus ticket, but I was too late for there was no seat to sell; then I have no way but go to make a new key, I rush to the nearby auto repair shop and asked the locksmith to help me, I was too anxious and worried it would spend too long time and I have lost the original key, but my fear was unnecessary, the locksmith take out a handheld car key programmer, he introduced it is named CK-100 car key programmer, it would only spend 30 minutes and even I lost key he could help me make a new key. I was too thankful to take this tool’s photo sharing with you.


My car is Chevrolet US Tahoe 2011, he directly connect the CK100 with an adapter to my car (the locksmith said it is OBD 16pin adapter), I was learned this way is the most convenient key-matching way. During the procedure, I was only asked to offer pin code.

Also, I was informed, CK-100 works with not only one car, and it helps the locksmith make a number of keys for many car models.

30 minutes later, I got a new key filled with excitement and joy. I was able to drive to see my girl friend on schedule. That is CK 100 helps me keep my love!