4 steps to add BMW CAS3 key with X-horse BMW Multi Tool

BMW Multi Tool is a power OBD2 key programmer extracted by X-horse tech that supports program BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS4 key (free encrypted BMW CAS4) functions. The software has been upgraded to newest 7.6. Following is the detail CAS3 key adding example with the key pro, easy 4 steps within 6 minutes.

Tool needed:

BMW Multi Tool CAS1-4 key programmer

CAS plug adapter (adds EWS function) for BMW multi tool

A laptop running Win 7/Win XP laptop



Well install BMW Multi Tool software


Connect and set up CAS plug adapter with BMW multi tool


Install BMW Multi tool software


1) Read EEPROM

Wait the system to auto detect the Protocol type, press【Read EEPROM】button


BMW Multi tool software will display detail vehicle information, BMW number, VIN, production date etc,

Press 【Save to File】and save file to a certain folder


2) Change KM


Press 【Read KM】button

The will display old KM value, then enter new KM, press 【Write KM】button

Click 【Yes】to run this operation and change KM stored in CAS


Again click 【Read KM】button

The old km stored in CAS is changed to new value


3) Read& Write CAS Code


Press【Read Code】button, wait some seconds until the system succeed reading the CAS code in DME and EGS module automatically


Check and correct the CAS Code in DME and EGS, then press【Write Code】button


Wait the writing data success prompt display


4) Key Learn


After successfully write CAS code, press 【Key Learn】button


Select 【Get Key Info】option to choose key programming method: Add key or Lost All key


Select “Add Key: You should insert a working key into ignition and connect device with car before continue”, press【NEXT】


Insert a working key into ignition, connect BMW Multi Tool key programmer with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Use【Save Key Info】to save the original key information

Adding BMW additional key procedure is completed

Exit the software and disconnect BMW Multi Tool v7.7  with vehicle