Where the immo box is located on Toyota Rav4 2012 (no smart key)?

I got a photo of where the immo box is located on a 2012 Rav4 Australian model (no smart key). This is  Rav 4 immo location

rav4 immo
Saw another one Australian model which is G chip, immo located between centre of heater and firewall. Americans have it so easy when it comes to Toyotas.

It’s same location as the ID code box, super difficult to remove. Need to have a strong wire to pull it out, don’t need to remove the heater, In the process, need to break some plastic. Most pre 09 models with smart can be done without removing dash, but we don’t remove dash even for the latest models now.

Unfortunately, need to remove dash for a 2006 Vitz very recently, thanks to X100+ key programmer which is no need to remove immo,   X100+ supports some Toyota G Chip Via OBD, original, can update online.  Hand-held, no need connect with any computer.
PS: saw a Malaysian perodua viva elite ( G chip ), immo located behind the instrument cluster