100% working ADBLUE module TESTED!!!

Hello Guys,
I have a very good  truck ADBLUE emulator module. This one working 100% and is tested by myself.
Install time is 20min. and if you know a little bit about trucks you can do it in 10 maybe.
Tested on:
DAF trucks from year 2007/2009
MAN trucks year 2005/2010
Scania trucks

(Now busy to test on FENT/DEUTZ EDC17 with module)

New Holland EDC7 Adblue off tested solution in SW OK!!
FENT/DEUTZ EDC17CVx Adblue off solution in SW YES!!

After install, you can disconnect Adblue, and NOX sensor if it supported.

I bought ADBLUE module from this site:
I paid $179

Maybe some guys who buy know this Adblue module working good.