VVDI PROG wiring diagram & Pinout (Real test reports)

Some useful VVDI PROG wiring diagram /Pinout for sharing, thanks to the DK poster contribution.

1. read bsi magnet marelli with vvdi prog
I have successful read bsi magnet marelli whit vvdi prog,mcu is MC68HC912DG128 unsecured Mask:5H55W , using this wiring diagram , used wires are VCC -red , GND black , reset- yellow and BKGD – purple.

2. I’ve made pinout to read BCM T4 MPC5607B

3. Pinout VVDi Prog read Flash + Eeprom 95128
MCU 4L00M Unsecured

4. IAW 6LP2.01/2.05 and IAW 6LPC105

5. PSA IAW 6LP pinout
IAW 6LP2.01/2.05 and IAW 6LPC105

6. Siemens VDO TA AJ06 Gearbox Laguna 3
Pinout Gearbox Laguna 3

7. I have successful read JBA module BMW E91 with vvdi prog,mcu is ST10F269, using this wiring diagram:

8. Volvo Continental Temic Airbag module pinout:
PN: 31295109
Mask: 1L59W
MC9S12DG128 unsecured


Will continue to update more VVDI Pro pinout & wiring diagram.