VVDI Pro M35080/D80 adapter, EWS3 adapter, EEPROM clip adapter, EWS4 adapter

Post mainly includes the connection diagram of VVDI Pro M35080/D80 adapter, EWS3 adapter, EEPROM clip adapter, EWS4 adapter etc.

Before go to the point, please read below picture and the package list to know all about VVDI Pro optional adapters:  M35080/D80,EWS3, EEPROM clip, EWS4, PCF79XX, TF28xx, MCU Reflash Cable,ECU Reflash Cable, content includes the above VVDI Pro adapters testable car models/chip types/IMMO modules, connection diagram,  where to buy these adapters etc.

VVDI Prog V4.6 full package VVDI Prog V4.6 full package-02

1. VVDI PROG device
2. EEPROM socket
3. EEPROM adapter
4. MC9S12 Reflash Cable V1
5. MCU Reflash Cable V3
6. ECU Reflash Cable
7. USB Type-B Cable
8. TB28FXXX adapter (optional)
9. PCF79XX adapter (optional)
10. M35080/D80 adapter (optional)
11. EWS3 adapter (optional)
12. EEPROM CLIP adapter (optional)
13. EWS4 adapter (optional)

Here we go one by one about M35080/D80 adapter, EWS3 adapter, EEPROM clip adapter, EWS4 adapter.

  1. VVDI Pro M35080/D80 Adapter:

With M35080/D80 Adapter, your VVDI Pro V4.6.0 can perform function D80, D160, M350803, M350806, M35080V6,M35080VP options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH. Without this adapter, these function won’t work.


Attach M35080/D80 Adapter picture and VVDI Pro V4.6.0 connection diagram:

VVDI-Prog-V4-6-2-adapters vvdi-prog-m35080-d80-adapter vvdi-prog-m35080-d80-adapter-pic-1 vvdi-prog-m35080-d80-adapter-pic-2

  1. VVDI Pro EWS3 adapter Functions

To have EWS3 adapter, Xhorse VVDI Pro adapter can perform EWS3-KLINE(0D46J) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>.

Attach EWS3 adapter pictures of connection:

vvdi-prog-m35080-d80-adapter-pic-2 xhorse-vvdi-prog-ews3-adapter-1 xhorse-vvdi-prog-ews3-adapter-2

  1. VVDI Pro EEPROM clip adapter functions:

To have EEPROM clip adapter, VVDI Pro v4.6.1 can add these functions:

Add AT24C01(CLIP),AT24C02(CLIP), AT24C04(CLIP), AT24C08(CLIP), AT24C16(CLIP), AT24C32(CLIP), AT24C64(CLIP), AT24C128(CLIP), AT24C256(CLIP),AT24C512(CLIP), AT24C1024(CLIP), AT25010(CLIP), AT25020(CLIP), AT25040(CLIP), AT25080(CLIP), AT25160(CLIP), AT25320(CLIP), AT25640(CLIP), AT25128(CLIP),AT25256(CLIP), AT25512(CLIP), AT93C06[A](CLIP), AT93C46[A](CLIP), AT93C56[A](CLIP), AT93C57[A](CLIP), AT93C66[A](CLIP), AT93C76[A](CLIP),AT93C86[A](CLIP) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)

+ Add CAT24C/W01(CLIP), CAT24C/W02(CLIP), CAT24C/W04(CLIP), CAT24C/W08(CLIP), CAT24C/W16(CLIP), CAT24C/W32(CLIP), CAT24C/W64(CLIP), CAT25C128(CLIP),CAT25C256(CLIP), CAT93C46[A](CLIP), CAT93C56[A](CLIP), CAT93C57[A](CLIP), CAT93C66[A](CLIP), CAT93C76[A](CLIP), CAT93C86[A](CLIP) options in<1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)

+ Add XL[S]24C01(CLIP), XL[S]24C02(CLIP), XL[S]24C04(CLIP), XL[S]24C08(CLIP), XL[S]24C16(CLIP), XL[S]93C/LC06(CLIP), XL[S]93C/LC46(CLIP), XL[S]93C/LC56(CLIP),XL[S]93C/LC66(CLIP) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)

+ Add FM24C02(CLIP), FM24C03(CLIP), FM24C04(CLIP), FM24C08(CLIP), FM24C09(CLIP), FM24C16(CLIP), FM24C17(CLIP), FM93CS06(CLIP), FM93CS46(CLIP), FM93CS56(CLIP),FM93CS66(CLIP),

NM24C02(CLIP), NM24C03(CLIP), NM24C04(CLIP), NM24C05(CLIP), NM24C08(CLIP), NM24C09(CLIP), NM24C16(CLIP), NM24C17(CLIP), NM24U17(CLIP),NM24C32(CLIP), NM24C65(CLIP), NM93C06(CLIP),

NM93C46(CLIP), NM93C56(CLIP), NM93C66(CLIP), NM93C86(CLIP), NM93CS06(CLIP), NM93CS46(CLIP), NM93CS56(CLIP),NM93CS66(CLIP) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)

+ Add 24AA02(CLIP), 24AA04(CLIP), 24AA08(CLIP), 24AA16(CLIP), 24AA164(CLIP), 24AA32(CLIP), 24AA128(CLIP), 24AA256(CLIP), 24C02(CLIP), 24C04(CLIP), 24C32(CLIP),24LC02(CLIP), 24LC04(CLIP),

24LC08(CLIP), 24LC16(CLIP), 24LC164(CLIP), 24LC32(CLIP), 24LC64(CLIP), 24LC65(CLIP), 24LC128(CLIP), 24LC256(CLIP),93C/LC/AA46A(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA56A(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA66A(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA76A(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA86A(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA46B(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA56B(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA66B(CLIP),93C/LC/AA76B(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA86B(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA46C(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA56C(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA66C(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA76C(CLIP), 93C/LC/AA86C(CLIP) options in<1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)

+ Add M24C01(CLIP), M24C02(CLIP), M24C04(CLIP), M24C08(CLIP), M24C16(CLIP), M24C32(CLIP), M24C64(CLIP), M24C128(CLIP), M24C256(CLIP), M24C512(CLIP),M93C06(CLIP),M93C46(CLIP),

M93C56(CLIP), M93C66(CLIP), M93C76(CLIP), M93C86(CLIP), M95010(CLIP), M95020(CLIP), M95040(CLIP), M95080(CLIP), M95160(CLIP), M95320(CLIP), M95640(CLIP),M95128(CLIP), M95256(CLIP),

M95512(CLIP), ST24C01(CLIP), ST24C02(CLIP), ST24C04(CLIP), ST24C08(CLIP), ST24C16(CLIP), ST24E16(CLIP), ST24E32(CLIP), ST24W02(CLIP),ST24W04(CLIP), ST24W08(CLIP), ST24W16(CLIP), ST25C01(CLIP), ST25C02(CLIP), ST25C04(CLIP), ST25C08(CLIP), ST25C16(CLIP), ST25E16(CLIP), ST25E32(CLIP), ST93CS56(CLIP),ST93CS57(CLIP), ST93CS66(CLIP), ST93CS67(CLIP), ST93CS47(CLIP),


+ Add X24C01(CLIP), X5043(CLIP), X5045(CLIP) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>->(Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)


Attach VVDI Pro EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER pictures of connection:

 xhorse-vvdi-prog-ews3-adapter-2 xhorse-vvdi-prog-eeprom-clip-adapter-1

  1. VVDI PRO V4.6.2 EWS4 adapter

Read / write EWS4 module.

No need soldering

For connection, please read below picture:


VVDI-Prog-4-6-2-ews4-adapter ews4 adapter ews4