Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016 add remote key with SKP1000 programmer

Topic: Have Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2016 remote key, firstly use SKP1000 programmer to match 72 (with G) 433MHZ, then match the remote key manually


Chip model: 72 (with G)

remote control frequency: 433MHZ

Unlock direction: Clockwise

Key embryo: NO. 02

OBD position: under the steering wheel

Comes with another NO.1 & NO.2 ignition lock

Able to copy

No need Pin code

The remote control is able to generate

Chip maker: SKP1000 tablet key programmer

Remote control match tool: manually


Here we go!

Part 1: Chip 72 (with G) 433MHZ match with SKP1000 programmer


Tap ” Toyota” then “Immobilizer system 2”

toyota-land-cruiser-prado-2016-add-remote-key-02 toyota-land-cruiser-prado-2016-add-remote-key-03


Please choose: OBDII socket, and turn on the ignition, press “Yes” to continue, and “NO” to back.


Tap “add key”


Please enter the key you want to add, do not turn on the ignition, press “Yes” to continue.


Wait until the immobilizer indicator light turn off, the chip 72(with G) match successfully, press “NO” to back.



Part 2: Remote key match manually


  1. Close all car doors, insert the key, open the main door, pull out the key.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition and pull out for two times.
  3. Close and open the side door for two times.
  4. Insert the key into the ignition and pull out for one time.
  5. Close and open the side door for two times.
  6. Insert the key into the ignitionswitch, close the door.
  7. the ignitionswitch ON-OFF for one time is the “add” mode, ON-OFF for two time is the “Reset” mode.
  8. Pull out the key from the ignition switch, at this time the door lock should move for 2 times, meanwhile hold the “LOCK” and “UNLOCK” buttons for one second then release, after 1 second repeat the same action. At this time, the central lock will automatically unlock and lock for one time. Move for one time means success and for two times means failure.
  9. Reset the other remote control, repeat the step 8.

If failure manually, recommend CI-pro to match the remote key.