(Steps)SEC-E9 cut Ford Jaguar FO21 key HALF cheaper than Miracle A9

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to show you: How to cut Ford/Jaguar FO21 Tibbe key by SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Cutting Machine? This $2,999 SEC-E9 work totally same to replace the $5,000+ Miracle A9!



Tool you need: SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine

New key blade you need: Jaguar FO21 blank key blade

Clamp you need: Ford Jaguar Tibbe FO21 clamp fixture


SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine cut Jaguar FO21 key steps:

Power on SEC-E9 key cutting machine

Click “Automobile” button on main menu to start.


Input “J” to select “Jaguar”.


Select car model “XJ-S”.


Select car year “1990-1992 [8]”, the second one.


Click “Input” button to enter the key bitting code then click “Cut”.

sec-e9-key0cutting-machine-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-guide-5 sec-e9-key0cutting-machine-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-guide-6

Insert and fix the new Jaguar FO21 key blank into Ford Jaguar Tibbe key clamp.


And install the clamp correctly according to the picture.


Choose cutting speed than click “Cut” to start key cutting.

When key blade side #1 cutting is finish, follow the tips to turn key blade side #2 then side #3 to cut.

sec-e9-key0cutting-machine-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-guide-9 sec-e9-key0cutting-machine-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-guide-10


After key blade one side is cut completely, turn the other side to cut.

And the procedure is similar as above.


In this way, you can cut a brand-new Jaguar FO21 Tibbe key using this SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine instead of expensive Miracle A9!

sec-e9-key0cutting-machine-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-guide-12 sec-e9-key0cutting-machine-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-guide-13