Launch Thinkcar Thinkdiag Actuation Test Procedure

Launch Thinkcar Thinkdiag (EASYDIAG 4.0) registered and activated on  Android phone, and go ahead to do Actuation Test.

  1. Plug Thinkdiag into the obd2 port of car, hear the beeps and see the green indicator light indicating that is connected. We have the engine on for the car.

  1. Select “All systems full function”.

  1. Going to scan the vehicle’s VIN number.

About 20 seconds there found the VIN number and we connect to the vehicle.

  1. Select “System selection”.

  1. Body Control Module (BCM).

  1. Select “Actuation Test”.

  1. Select “Driver window motor”.

  1. We can also select “Windshield Washer relay”, so “Active”.

  1. Last to show “High beams” active, I see they come one. And activate or deactivate and they turn off .

Okay, that’s the Launch thinkdiag device’s performance.