Ktag fw 7.020 China Clone PCB Vs Ktag fw7.020 ECU clone PCB

This post includes Ktag fw 7.020 China Clone PCB, Ktag fw7.020 ECU clone PCB.


Part 1: Ktag fw 7.020 China Clone PCB

Ktag fw 7.020 China Clone is available with two versions: Item No. SE135 (Black one) and Item No. SE135-B (Black and blue one).

NEW! Ktag fw 7.020 China Clone

Works: Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276ECU, Toyota 76F, etc. Details

FULL !!! Cars, Motorcyle, Tricore, Trucks

ALL made in China but with good QUALITY! (Check the real pictures below)

Unlimited Version!  With Tokens reset button and press it to have more tokens, easy to use!

Working with internet ON (better disable the network connection)

6 languages available: Italian Deutsch English French Portuguese Spanish

Warranty for interface: 12 months.


All packages include:

1 x KTAG 7.020 Main Unit

1 x 144300T 104

1 x 144300T 103

1 x 144300T 101

1 x 144300T 106

1 x 144300T 102

1 x 144300T 105

1 x 144300T 100

3 x Chips Inside

1 x Multi-Color Cable

1 x USB Cable

1 x Power Adapter

1 x CD


Item No. SE135 (Black one) 

ktag-firmware-7-020-PCB-ksuite-2-23-1 ktag-firmware-7-020-PCB-ksuite-2-23-2

Price: full package – $425 + shipping cost


SE135-B (Black and blue one)


ktag 7.020 mux and pcb-01 ktag 7.020 pcb-02 ktag 7.020 pcb-03

Part 2: Ktag fw7.020 ECU clone


ktag eu clone v7.020-ktag-eu-clone-pcb-purple-1 v7.020-ktag-eu-clone-pcb-purple-2 v7.020-ktag-eu-clone-pcb-purple-3

Price: 899 EUR

All packages include:

Enabled protocols: Tricore boot mode MEDC17 / ST10 / DSG DQ200/250/500

KESS2 Master interface with UNLIMITED TOKENS

Software v2.23 with dongle

USB Cable

Standard OBD2 Cable CAN/J1850/K-Line 144300KCAN

Universal Cable for KESSv2 (5 wires) 144300K201

Tricore EDC17/MED17 Bootloader Module 14P600BTLR

Tricore cable 14P600KT02

Flat cable for frame adapter MEDC17 14P600KT03


To sum up

Ktag fw7.020 China clone is suitable for those who are new to ECU tunning world and has not too much budget. Ktag fw7.020 China clone is good quality and works ok, if you think China clone is shit, it is prejudice definitely.


Ktag fw7.020 EU clone has better quality, I agree, but the price is 3 times higher.


So, which one to choose, it up to you!