How to online copy VAG 48 96 bit with JMD Handy Baby V8.8.9?

How to use JMD Handy Baby to online copy VAG 48 96 bit.

To copy 48 96 bit, you need:
–  JMD Handy Baby V8.8.9 + JMD assistant (for VW data collection) + JMD48 chip (for copy)
– Or JMD Handy Baby V8.8.9 + Tokens for decoding + JMD48 chip (for copy)



How to decode and copy ID48 96bit with Handy Baby, Assistant / Tokens and JMD48 chip?

4 main steps to follow: Update to the newest version 8.8.9-> register -> decode-> Copy with JMD48 chip -> Done.



1:  Update Handy Baby to system 8.8.9:


2. Select 96 bit 48 copy

3. Function menu: “Ok to decode” and  “OK to copy”.

4. Collect data of VW car from the ignition, so select ” Ok to decode“, please turn the ignition for 3 times to collect data.

5. Read original key
jmd-handy-baby-decode-copy-96-bit-48-chip-03 jmd-handy-baby-decode-copy-96-bit-48-chip-04

6. Connect to the computer
Open JMD handy Baby client V4.1.2
Click on “Decode”
7. Sending the data, then you can see ” Uploading data, please wait…” And Handy Baby displays “successful”

8. After the data is successfully uploading, a message will send to your phone with machine Serial No, key ID and when will JMD engineer will help register the server and calculate the code. After the calculation is complete, another message will send to you.

9. Go to the Handy Baby menu and select 96 bit 48 copy, then select “OK to copy”.

10. Insert the original car key into the coil.

11. Put in JMD48 chip to the coil of Handy baby to copy.

12 Copy successfully.
jmd-handy-baby-decode-copy-96-bit-48-chip-12 jmd-handy-baby-decode-copy-96-bit-48-chip-13


JMD Handy Baby online copy 96 bit 48  Youtube Video

Video by Italian user: ….