Hyundai 2018 type 8A pin code reading by Lonsdor K518ISE

Confirmed: Lonsdor K518ISE is able to read pin code on Hyundai 2018 type 8A smart key. This article is available with the operation procedure.

How to use Lonsdor K518 to read pin code on Hyundai 2018 type 8A smart key:

Plug Lonsdor K518ISE into the OBD2 port of Hyundai 2018.

Turn on the ignition, enter the menu.

Put chip to be identified into K518 host slot.



After putting the chip into the slot, you will see message “Please wait, identifying chip…”



It will display “8A chip”.



Back to choose immobilization -> Hyundai -> Read PIN Code -> 8A smart card



Downloading application.



Switch ignition off, open and close main driving door once.



Get part number and software version.



Communication connecting, please wait…



Pin code is read out.



Next question is how to program key on Hyundai 2018 type 8A?

Hyundai i40 smartkey module is unique type which is present only at i40s. The smart key for my customer’s I40 was identified as 8A and its pin code can be extracted using Lonsor K518 programmer, and I am lucky as I found only oem device and mvp can program keys for this car.


Hope it helps!