How to use Xhorse Dolphin cut Renault Clio III (VA2EH2) from key code?

How to use Xhorse Dolphin cut Renault Clio III (VA2EH2) from key code?

I have Renault Clio III (VA2EH2) and got the key code but when entering the code I got out of lines cuts. Talked to Xhorse support but they told me to use Lishi tool.

Code: 4718HQ

Blade: VA2EH2

Possible reason and solution (experience sharing):

Out of line means machine won’t accept code 4718HQ which he obtain. Once I also had this in Viper. Solution is to input direct cuts manualy as one of code which you mentioned. His problem is not his machine cuts wrong key.

So input direct cuts which rapid mentioned and all good. When I go quite far and cut VA6 from code, I always cut 2 blades just in case. One cut normally and 1 reversed. Because I’m always confused with this if I get from dealer need to revers eor not.

Use Xhorse Dolphin did a clio III akl today, picked with lishi and entered bitting into xhorse app to cut key on Dolphin, worked fine.

Simply connect phone to the tool , use all key lost function , work fine ! XHORSE is not freeware app , if app is not connected to key cutting tool , result is your picture !!!!!!!!


For which tool program Renault Clio III (VA2EH2) key, Many tools with program it via OBD, it’s very easy car. Or you can do by dump via Tango, 95160 eep.

Alright, hope it helps!

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