How to read write BMW DME N45 ISN using Yanhua Mini ACDP?

Question: now I need to change the engine ECU on it. Engine number n45b16a, need to syn cas module with engine ecu, ISN code from cas module to engine ecu, how to proceed it with Yanhua mini ACDP?



This ISN is BMW N45 (ME1721), Yanhua mini ACDP is able to do, please prepare:

1) Yanhua Mini ACDP basic module, $159

2) Module3 + authorization, $179

3) BMW DME adapter X8, $34.99

Yanhua ACDP BMW-DME-Adapter X8 Bench Interface Board for BMW E chassis N45(ME1721)/N46(MEV1721) DME ISN read/write and clone. No need to open DME shell, no need to drill hole on DME, no need to plug wire.

yanhua-acdp-syn-n45-isn-code-02-1 yanhua-acdp-syn-n45-isn-code-03 yanhua-acdp-syn-n45-isn-code-04



Please enter “BMW” -> “DME ISN” -> “Bench mode read /write DME ISN” -> “Exx” -> “N45 (ME1721)”

yanhua-acdp-syn-n45-isn-code-05 yanhua-acdp-syn-n45-isn-code-06 yanhua-acdp-syn-n45-isn-code-07 yanhua-acdp-syn-n45-isn-code-08


Question: I have got the isn from the new ecu, and now I need to get the isn from the cas. I got it through obd. I can read the eeprom file icp through the bench mode, but I don’t know how to reverse write the isn from dump/file.




ECU cloning is to read the data of the original ECU and write it into the new ECU. The reading and writing interface is the same.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Device and parts: