Digimaster 3 Fiat / Nissan meter calibration failed solution

We currently purchased Yanhua Digimaster 3 and need some help

I have 2 problems

1 . Fiat meter calibration is always failed

display doesn’t show anything and engine check lamp is on after calibration

2. Some Nissan meter calibration fail

usually we can find 93C86 or this kind of IC but in x-trail NT31 and Dualis KJ10 don’t have these

for NT31 i was trying with this chip and couldnt rewind

but there are no 8 pins IC on this board


Can’t find 93C86, does the instrument have a CPU? Such as the model of MB91

you can try the first chip above.


Please find the image below calibrating NT31

devise not found in xtrail option.

the specific model and year: NT31-325216 Z-trail, 2013 year model

uobdii.com engineer solution:

That’s not the case. You need to follow the picture and solder the IC to the adapter and then connect to read.

Solder the IC to this board (shown as below):

Yanhua Digimaster 3 tech support: www.uobdii.com