CAN CLIP installation with DIAGBOX very well no confusion


I’m looking for someone who can tell me if we can install can clip with diagbox on the same computer, because I install diagbox that works fine but am afraid for conflicts between the two programs? Thank you in advance.



Yes, you can install can clip with diagbox there is no confusion.

And more than 10 users confirm yes, it is ok.


Guess you want to read what they review:

  1. Yes you can install can clipwith diagbox there is no confusion
  2. I have both and it works very well
  3. Yes no worries on xp and w7
  4. No worries for me too, w7
  5. I am on windows 10 with clipv166 diabox 7.62 wow 5.00.8 and multiecuscan 3 and no worries
  6. Just change the Renault vci for Renault / vci lexia for diagibox / vci delphi for wow and delphi all on the same Pvc no problem for diag
  7. can install can clip with diabox no problem me ca walk with windows 7 32 bits good evening cordially
  8. Hi there actually no conflict.

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Guess you are interested in newest CAN CLIP V168 update

  1. Tested no issue to work with

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  1. CANCLIP V168 free download:!3kZUDZ6S!fkx3S4A5xZ5qFqpASDvmVHtJM3y6-FyWhhuobvOvjNs (need luck) (Test very well, all good)

  1. CANCLIP V168 software and driver installation:

Renault Can Clip V168 Software Installation Guide –UOBDII (SP19-B & SP19-C)

Renault Can Clip V168 Driver install Video YouTube (SP19-B)

Renault Can Clip V168 Driver install Video YouTube (SP19-C)