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Front Electronic Module (FEM) Comprehensive introduction

The Front Electronic Module (FEM) represents a new generation which supersedes existing control units and their functions. As a result of the modular principle, the Front Electronic Module (FEM) can be installed in all series. The Front Electronic Module (FEM) is the central control unit in the vehicle electrical system. At the same time, the Front Electronic Module (FEM) is the gateway for the other control units. The Front Electronic Module (FEM) provides functions from the previous control units footwell module (FRM), Car Access System (CAS), Junction Box Electronics (JBE) and central gateway module (ZGM).

The central gateway module (ZGM) is installed in the Front Electronic Module (FEM) as an independent control unit. The aim is to reduce the number of control units and improve component networking. At the same time, the optimisation of the wiring harness reduces the physical bus capacity.

The following functions of the Car Access System (CAS) have been integrated in the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

Terminal control
Electronic immobiliser
Comfort Access
Electric steering lock
Central locking system

The following functions of the Junction Box Electronics (JBE) have been integrated in the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

Power window regulator
Wash/wipe system
Washer jet heating
Climate control
Seat heating
Mirror heating
Automatic air recirculation control
Rain-light-solar-condensation sensor

The following functions of the footwell module (FRM) have been integrated in the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

Exterior lighting
Brake light
Interior lighting
Exterior mirrors

The central gateway module (ZGM) is integrated in the Front Electronic Module (FEM). It is seen as a control unit within the control unit, as the central gateway module (ZGM) acts as a self-sufficient control unit within the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

The task of the central gateway module (ZGM) is to connect all bus systems. This combination allows general use of information from the individual bus systems. The central gateway module (ZGM) is able to implement various reports and speeds on other bus systems. The programming data are transferred to the vehicle by Ethernet via the central gateway module (ZGM).

Brief component description
Front electronic module (FEM): Front Electronic Module
The Front Electronic Module (FEM) is located in the A-pillar of the passenger footwell and controls all functions in the front section of the vehicle.

The Front Electronic Module (FEM) is the control unit which controls entry and access to the vehicle. The electronic immobiliser is deactivated via key identification, thus enabling engine start and other vehicle functions.

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The following graphic shows the Front Electronic Module (FEM).

bmw fem


BMW FEM/BDC Programmers:

1.Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer


Newest VVDI2 support more powerful functions and vehicles than vvdi, such as BMW, Porsche. And VVDI2 commander supports online update, newly add BMW FEM/BDC Function.

Note: VVDI2 now add BMW FEM & BDC functions, VVDI2 Must have BMW OBD Function(SV86-3), then can open this function.
There are two ways to get this function:

1.If you only have VVDI2(SV86, SV86-B+SV86-3,and SV86-D) on our site, then you need to pay 800USD to get this authorization.
2.If you have VVDI2(SV86, SV86-B+SV86-3,and SV86-D) + Ikeycutter Condor(SL273/SL253)on our site,then you need to pay 600USD to get this authorization.

Authorization Name VVDI2 Full Version (SV86) VVDI2 VAG(SV86-B) VVDI2 BMW(SV86-D ) VVDI2 Basic(SV86-C)
BMW OBD Authorization(SV86-3) +549USD +549USD
Without Ikeycutter Condor(SV86-S1) +800USD +800USD +800USD +800USD
With Ikeycutter Condor(SV86-S) +600USD +600USD +600USD +600USD
Total Cost(USD) 800/600 1349/1149 800/600 1349/1149

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2.Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC Key Programmer


Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer, online update, support offline operate, safe and stable, easy to operate, support latest FEM vehicles till 2017

Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC Key Programmer BMW Vehicles List:

1 Series             F20/F21                            2011-2017
2 Series             F22/F23/F45/F46            2014-2017
3 Series/GT       F34/F35                            2012-2017
4 Series             F30/F31/F32/F33/F36     2014-2017
X5                       F15                                     2014-2017
X6                       F16                                     2015-2017


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3.CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Auto key programmer

cgdi bmw fem

CGDI MSV80 BMW Car Key Programmer CGDI Functions:

1.Update in real time,products updated in zero cycle time,support model added in real time.
2.BMW CAS3/CAS3+Data repair–support change replace and split CAS computer,BMW MSV80/MSV80.0/MSD80/MSD80.0/MSD85/engine change computer,ISN code reading and writing.
3.Equipment security greatly enhanced, the hardware anti-crack,anti-software copy.


CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Support Model list:

Model Has key to match key Without key to match Read ISN code Replace engine computer DME BMW Key unkock Working time
CAS1 support support support 1 minute
CAS2 support support support support 1 minute
CAS3 support support support support 1 minute
CAS3+ support support support support 1 minute
CAS4 support support support 30 seconds
CAS+ support support support 30 seconds

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Xhorse Key Tool Plus:

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus provides an all-in-one security solution for locksmiths, which combines immo programming for luxury cars like BMW, BENZ, AUDI, and VW etc as well as common functdions of key programming and car diagnosis in one single platform. Xhorse Key Tool Plus Support BMW IMMO Progrmming including OBD,CAS3/CAS3+,CAS4/CAS4+,FEM/BDC,ECU ISN Reading Function.