How to Solve wiTech MicroPod 2 Software Register Problem

Recently,our customers feedback the problem of wiTech MicroPod register problem.The warning massage “Device with serial number XXXXXX is not registered.Please check the knowledge base to determine how to register a device…” pop-up when run the wiTech MicroPod software.So here,UOBDII engineer share the solution of this problem.


Right click the wiTech MicroPod Software icon,and click the “Properties”

Click “Open File Location”

Open the “app-config” file by txt editor

Locate the line with value=”5f86b7db0f4d58127d30dd7e4e44cd7f”

Then change the value ”5f86b7db0f4d58127d30dd7e4e44cd7f” to any other.Here change it to “6f86b7db0f4d58127d30dd7e4e44cd7f”(only change 5 to 6)


Then run the wiTech MicroPod again

A warning massage pop-up “An internal registeration error has occurred….”,just ignore and close the massage window.

Click “Next”

Close the warning massage again,and select “off-line working” and “Finish”

If it prompt you that ”Can’t not identify the vehicle…”,just click the “Continue”