European Ford Transit Custom 2016 Add Keys: Done with Lonsdor K518!

Car: 2016 Ford Transit Custom 2.2 Tdci- (Europe)

Purpose: Add new keys


Key programming tool:

AVDI: my AVDI Ford paid software 2000$ and it doesn’t work perfect!

Lonsdor K518ise: It’s a paid function also. Upgrading to successful key learning is all fine!


Note: only Chinese Ford is under free functions.


Other Ford now needs to pay, incl. Ford made in Europe, India, South America, Australia, Africa, Israel



Two keys to add:



Steps with detailed images attached:

The new key to be add


In Lonsdor K518ise programmer: select immobilizer – FORD – Europe – Transit Custom – 2014-

lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-3 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-4 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-5

Go to add new keys: immobilizer – add keys

lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-6 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-7

Pls switch ignition ON

lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-8 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-8

Lonsdor read out vin code and current keys count: 2



Pls make sure the key (to be programmed) has been inserted and turned ignition ON


Current key count: 3

lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-13 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-14

K518 programmed a new key successfully

Pls turn ignition ON- OFF for 10 times

lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-15 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-16 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-17 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-18

Tested the new key programmed by K518

lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-19 lonsdor-k518-Ford-Transit-20

Worked perfectly!


Result: Lonsdor k518 had a good success with 2016 Ford Transit Custom