Xhorse VVDI BIMtool vs. VVDI BMW vs. VVDI2 BMW

Xhorse VVDI BIMtool Pro: designed for both locksmiths and BMW engineers, because it can be used for BMW key programming & E/F/G programming / coding via Ethernet port and more.

VVDI BMW: the last generation of VVDI BIMtool, they have a lot in common, except the speed of BMW E/F/G programming via USB is too low to wait.

VVDI2 BMW: mainly dsigned for locksmiths to do BMW key programming, and other car makes (VAG, Mercedes, Porsche, PSA etc) key programming.


In the following parts, I’d like to emphasize Xhorse VVDI BIMtool features and functions, because VVDI BMW tool will no longer be produced, and VVDI2 BMW is well-known.

Xhorse VVDI BIMtool Pro improvements:

  1. Add Ethernet portaside of USB port, which will speed up the programming / coding, usually it will only take several minutes instead of dozens of hours when using the USB cable.

Tips: Please do not meanwhile connect both the Ethernet cable and USB cable.

When you prepare program / code BMW engineering software, connect the Ethernet cable;

When you prepare the simple programming, connect the USB cable is okay.

  1. Add Wifi connection(WIFI 802.1b/g, 150 Mbps high-speed connection, and WIFI OTA upgrade)

When upgrading the machine firmware, you can connect the WIFI.

  1. VVDI BIMtool Pro driver is different from VVDI BMW driver.

After BMW BIM Tool is connected to the computer, the small screen will display “Booting”, please wait about 16 seconds to 20 seconds before starting to use.

After opening the CD, click on “WinUSB Driver” to run:


OS: compatible with WIN7 8 10 etc, no computer operation system limitation.

  1. VVDI BIMtoolis available with: English, Italian, Spanish, Deutsch, Hungarian, Polish etc.

Xhorse VVDI BIMtool Pro Functions:

Including: CAS Key Learn (via OBD and via EEPROM), FEM/BDC Key Learn, E /F chassis programming & coding (same as BMW engineering software), Gearbox (clear and reset), CAS Repair etc.

For the details, please read the user manual:


What I want to emphasize here are some important functions:

E /F chassis programming & coding

Gearbox (clear and reset)

CAS Repair etc.

BMW BIMTool Pro E /F chassis programming & coding

– Program / Code BMW Exx

  1. Connect Car

Can auto detect vehicle model, read module information, support chassis: E36, E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, E60, E63, E64, E65, E66, E67, E70, E71, E72, E83, E85, E86, E89, E90, E91, E92, E93, K1X, K24, KH2, R50, R52, R53, R55, R56, R57, RR1,.etc chassis


  1. Read and write Vehicle configuration(FA/FP)

Can read the configuration information inside of vehicle module, and to change the vehicle configuration information for replacing second-hand module.


  1. Registered unit information from gateway / Calculate adaptive control unit

Read registered unit information from gateway

Calculate adaptive control unit-calculate all control units of the current vehicle based on configuration information


  1. Module information/DTCs

Read the specific information of selected module, then read and clear DTCs .,etc


  1. Unit coding

Read the coding information of selected unit, save coding, load coding, write coding and  calculate the default coding based on the vehicle configuration information etc.


  1. Module programming

According to the hardware version number and ZB version number in the current module, search for the supported programming files and perform programming functions


– Program / Code Fxx / Gxx

  1. Connect to car

Auto detect vehicle model, and read the information inside of module.


  1. Read & write vehicle configuration(FA/FP)

Can read the vehicle configuration information inside of module, and change the vehicle configuration information for replacing second hand module.


  1. Read / Clear DTCs

Can read and clear DTCs for vehicle maintenance.


  1. Vehicle coding

Can read out the coding information inside of module, the user can change the corresponding value as required to realize some configuration functions.



1). Read the coding: read the code information in the module

2). Save coding file: Save the coding information to a file

3). Load coding file: Load the coding file that is saved.

4). Calculate the default coding: If the default coding of module is lost, it will be calculated according to the vehicle configuration information

5). Write coding: write the coding to the module

6). Hide function: We have re-organized some of the frequently-used configuration changes option, see the figure below:


  1. Vehicle programming

From vehicle configuration information to calculate the related module flash information, and write to module.


Function description:

1). Program all units: From module configuration information to calculate vehicle all control units programming information

2). Search all database: Search all database, will not compare module inheritance hierarchy information

3). Calculate programming file: From configuration information to calculate module programming file, it takes time arrange around 10 seconds to tens of minutes.

4). Programming: Select related programming file and programming module

BMW BIMTool Pro Gearbox (clear and reset)


Function description:

  1. Read gearbox status: Support read 8HP gearbox status, module is brand new or not,.etc
  2. Backup Coding: Backup gearbox coding
  3. Restore Coding: Restore gearbox coding
  4. Clear Gearboxs ISN: Support clear 2nd-hand used gearbox all inside information, let this module become as brand new
  5. Reset adaption information: Reset gearbox inside adaption information, let it back to original status


  1. OBDII – CAS1 (0K50E) repair

For suddenly condition cause CAS1 enter service mode while read CAS1 EEPROM via OBDII or CAS PLUG (such as power failure), you can select this type to fix

  1. OBDII – CAS3+ (ISTA-P4*) repair

For suddenly condition cause CAS enter service mode while update ISTAP flash, select this type to fix (PICTURE 11.1)

You need know CAS ID before continue. You can input the known CAS ID or load EEPROM for automatic search CAS ID

Use the known CAS ID to repair: Before update CAS flash, we ask you to write down the CAS ID. Type CAS ID here and continue.

Use the CAS EEPROM to repair: If can’t read CAS ID, you need have the CAS EEPROM dump file


  1. EEPROM Repair (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+)

Support load the EEPROM from service mode, automatically repair service mode status, and save new EEPROM

BMW BIMTool Pro FEM / BDC Key Learn:

FEM/BDC using in BMW F series system after 2014. Support key info by OBDII, prepare dealer key by OBDII, exchange modules,. etc functions.



Get Key Info: Read FEM/BDC system key information.

Programming FEM/BDC system: Program FEM/BDC system, Let it support reading key info by OBDII

Prepare dealer key with ignition switch: Make working key with ignition switch

Exchange FEM/BDC: Replace vehicle module

Reset FEM to start: Reset the module start lock

Read ISN from original key: Read vehicle ISN from original key

Reset KM: Reset the module KM, in general after replace the module for restore original KM

Enable Key: Insert one working key, then select key position that need to enable. click enable key, After enable successful, this position key will work again. Note: If only for enable key no need to get key info

Disable Key: Insert one working key, then select key position that need to disable. the disabled key and insert working key can’t be same one. After disable successful, this position key will be not work anymore, even add a new key at this position will be not work. Note: If only for disable key no need to get key info

Emergency switch ON: When all key lost, turn on ignition, let it can communicate

Erase Key: Delete the key from select key position.