What is Car key chip, chip types and chip Code?


UOBDII.com shares some knowledge about chip controller definition, car key chip types and chip type, with it will do you some favor.
Chip Structure
1.Chip Controller:
A chip controller is an electronic anti-theft system that communicates with engine control equipments. It is also often connected to car engine. The car engine will start only when chip ID is recognized.

2.Car key chip types:
There are three types of car key chips on the market: fixed code, rolling code and encrypted code.
Fixed code: the code is fixed and includes a fixed string of numbers and letters. The code will not change after the engine starts.
Rolling code: Each key has a different electronic code. The code will be changed every time car owner turns the key to start the vehicle. The code-changing program is only known by the manufacture and is difficult to be cracked by reading chip memory.
Encrypted code: encrypted code is applied for latest chips and chip controllers (which uses two-way encryption technology). encrypted code is equipped with internal program algorithm, which allows users to decode the encrypted data.

3.Chip code
“PH”     Philips chip
“PH/CR”  Philips encrypted chip
“PH/CR2” Phillip II encrypted chip
“MEG”       Megamos chip
“MEG/CR”    Megamos encrypted chip
“TEXAS”     TEXAS Chip
“TEX/CR”    TEXAS encrypted chip
“TEM/CR”   TEMIC encrypted chip
“MEG/SAAB”  Megamos/SAAB Chip
11-TEMIC Chip – (Fiat with fixed code)
12-TEMIC Chip – (Mazda car with fixed code)
13- Megamos chip- with fixed code
21-silca chip – with fixed code
22-silca chip – with fixed code
23-silca chip – with fixed code
30-Philips chip -read/write fixed code
40–Philips encrypted chip (for Opel)
41– Philips encrypted chip (for Nissan)
42– Philips encrypted chip (VAG)
44– Philips encrypted chip
45– Philips encrypted chip (for Peugeot)
46—Philip II encrypted chip
48– Megamos encrypted chip
53—Philips chip (for Audi)
73– Philips chip – with fixed code
93– Philips chip (for Daewoo)
4C—TEXAS chip – with fixed code
4D—TEXAS encrypted chip
8C—TEMIC encrypted chip
8D—SAAB Chip (not replicable)

4D chip
60-TEXAS encrypted chip (used for most vehicle models)
61—TEXAS Chip (for Mitsubishi 3)
62– TEXAS Chip (for Mitsubishi 2)
63—TEXAS encrypted chip (for Ford)
64—TEXAS Chip (for Renault/Chrysler/Jeep before 2000 year)
65—TEXAS encrypted chip (for Suzuki car)
66– TEXAS chip (for Suzuki 2 car)
67– TEXAS encrypted chip (for Toyota/Lexus)
68– TEXAS chip (for Toyota/Lexus 2)
xx– TEXAS encrypted chip (for new or most vehicle models)