Volvo VIDA – Where to buy? Need a new laptop? What’s computer specs?

On the volvo forums, there are so many great questions about Volvo VIDA…

Volvo VIDA - Where to buy? Need a new laptop? What’s computer specs-1

For Volvo VIDA DICE 2015A:


Here’s the answer to the most common:
Should I buy a dedicated VIDA laptop?


(friendly plug for my fellow VIDA gurus) I have nothing against the folks selling a ready to go laptop with VIDA already running on it. If you don’t currently have a laptop that can run VIDA, and don’t have a need in your personal life for a better computer, their solution is worth considering.


If you decide to go my route, you shouldn’t need to spend over $500 for a laptop, and I would NOT consider it a “VIDA only” computer. Consider it your new personal computer to use everyday. It’s a shame when people buy a nice laptop, and let it sit only to run VIDA. You paid for the computer, enjoy it. The way I’ve packaged VIDA in a Virtual Machine means essentially that the physical computer it runs on, is nothing more to VIDA than a CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive. So the better those 3 pieces of hardware, the faster VIDA will run.

What computer specs do you recommend?

  • Windows 7 or 10 any version. If you need a good copy of either, a windows 7 license is 20 bucks on eBay. Upgrading to win10 from 7 is still free
  • 8gb ram (4gb will work, but starting vida will take 10 minutes, and pulling codes ~5mins). Just spend the extra 50 bucks, life is too short
  • Dual or Quad core cpu over 2ghz (must be virtualization compatible, but I’ve never seen one that meets these specs and isn’t.)
  • ssd 120gb (can use a standard hdd, I personally do. To compensate in that case, get a USB3 64GB thumbdrive on Amazon for $17 like the “Samsung 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Fit (MUF-64BB/AM)”. unzip the Virtual machine to the USB drive, and run it from there. Now your VM is sitting on Solid State Flash Memory, talking directly to CPU and RAM. Blazing fast!

Volvo VIDA DICE Interface:

Which physical DICE unit should I buy?

I personally just purchased a decent unit for ~$80 from a seller with decent feedback. It works like a charm… Don’t over think it..

Would your software work for someone in Canada?

(Interestingly, the car is an American import with Imperial measurements…more on that below)
Canada? You betcha!
It works for every Volvo made between 1999-2014 rrgardless of region. I have customers in Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden (of course), Portugal, Brazil, the list goes on and on

Can your vida software change the cars digital display units to Metric (km and Celsius)?

I’ve not done this, but the question isnt if my version can, it is “can vida change my display to metric” the answer will be the same for both. (My guess is yes)

Can I use your software to diagnose and fix the park assist error mentioned above? E.g. identify which sensor is at fault, etc.

It can diagnose anything your local Volvo dealership can. You will have all yhe information a dealership will have (though unfortunately it doesnt instantly make us master technicians haha). But you will have all info for research and diagnosis at your disposal

Hope this helps guys!