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vida dice Volvo 2014a is newly tested working fine.

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There is a little bit difference between Vida Dice 2014A and Dice 2013D, Vida Dice 2014A need to install “Alcohol.exe” before install the driver.Vida Dice 2014A video demo:

In the following parts, let’s take a sneak peek on how to install “Alcohol.exe”.

Step 1: Open DVD and extract patch file to the desktop, this step is as the same as Dice 2013D installation.

Step 2: install “Alcohol.exe”

Open Alcohol52
volvo dice 2014A-open alcohol52-01

Please select a language
volvo dice 2014A-language-02
Alcohol 52% setup wizard
volvo dice 2014A-setup wizard-03
Applying the Alcohol virual devices settings, please wait..
volvo dice 2014A-alcohol52-4
Right click Alcohol 52%, choose delete.
volvo dice 2014A-delete-alcohol-05

volvo dice 2014A-delete-alcohol-6

In the blank, right click “add images” .
volvo dice 2014A-add-image-7
Open DVD Drive (E:)
volvo dice 2014A-add image-8
Open “volvo2014a+cn”
volvo dice 2014A add image-9
“volvo2014a+cn” is added, Right click it and choose “Mount on Device”
volvo dice 2014A mount on device-10
Close Autoplay dialog
volvo dice 2014A-autoplay-11
Open “Computer”, open BD-ROM Device. The next steps are as the same as Vida dice 2013D.

volvo dice 2014A-open-12