Use Foxwell BT715 Analyzer to Test a Battery Good or Bad

Hello guys, today used Foxwell BT715 Analyzer to test a newly installed battery on a 1999 Toyota Corolla. Let’s have a look how I test it and verify it is good or bad.

Connect the Foxwell BT715 cable to the battery terminals, you should hear a beep.

Operation Path:

Select 12 voltage -> in vehicle -> Top post -> Regular -> CCA, and enter the rated CCA for this battery is 640CCA.

Hit enter to start testing.

As you can see the battery is good.

Start the engine to proceed with crank testing.

Press enter to check the alternator output, follow the instructions on the screen.

The results show this car’s battery starter, alternator are all normal.

Alright, I am very happy with Foxwell BT715 battery tester and highly recommend it to all of you.