(Solution) PCMTuner Never Updated PCMFlash but Not Work Version V1.2.1

PCMTuner User Feedback: Can’t see pcmflash key, never updated pcm flash. Reinstalled all applications related to pcm tuner did nothing. Device only after account activation, never used


Solution: The Dongle version is V1.2.0 only V1.2.0,Uninstall this V1.2.1 version and install v1.2.0, it will work.

PCMFlash V1.2.0 Download Link: https://mega.nz/file/S3A0AaxR#wph6hsWnjwFxToawooQm1twVLtUqPDG7VXtKQkBqJ7Y


PCMTuner User Feedback Again: Work, windows firewall, blocked connections, pcm flash 1.2.0