Solution for fgtech 4 v54 simos pcr 2.1 unlock ecu error

I have simos pcr 2.1 ecu , i want to unlock but with fgtech 4 error unknown ecu

I think dashboard on / off problem

12v charger I put, but one extra batter supply given or not ?

Here I attach picture of connection but not succeed.

fgtech-unlock-ecu-error-05 fgtech-unlock-ecu-error-01 fgtech-unlock-ecu-error-02 fgtech-unlock-ecu-error-03 fgtech-unlock-ecu-error-04

Working Solution:

Remove 25640 put in programmer and unlock refit write ecu obd…..

Apply 12v dc adaptor to fgtech, not battery supply to fgtech.

Add only 2 resistors, not 3 ones.
560 ohm and 1K ohm and one wire to make a bridge.