SD Connect C4 Wifi Configuration on Win10 Win7 XP

SD Connect C4 Wifi Configuration mainly depend on which version of C4 and what the computer operation system (win10 or win7 or XP).

MB SD C4 Plus DoIP user, please be informed:

MB SD C4 Plus DoIP wifi Configuration is very simple, after the computer searches for the wifi signal, enter the password 123456789, you don’t need to set anything else, and you don’t need to set the WIFI IP address.



For the other version of SD Connect C4, thanks to @ W211 user, who concludes the following instructions:


Small instructions with some files to auto connect to c4 over Wi-Fi!

Check the files: C4 WIFI Connection

I have added how to change driver in win 10.
Win have all the drivers. You do not need to download any shit from internet.


*****To check if wifi card support adhoc rund cmd as admin and copy paste:*****
netsh wlan set profileparameter name=Road24h ConnectionType=IBSS
Maybe you need to revert back to old drivers, if adhoc is not supported!


I will Start with LAN setup:
1. Open properties to ethernet/LAN card IPv4
2. Enter IP subnetmask: if no communication when doing diagnostic with xentry/DAS try subnetmask:
One of those IP’s would get you connected to c4! No more needed!

Wi-Fi Setup: Manuel mode (optional)
1. Open properties to Wi-Fi adapter and change IPv4 to or
Again, One of these IP’s will work when you start diagnostic with Xentry/DAS

Must DO:
Create Adhoc Connection Road24h!
On win 10 Use old Wi-Fi driver to activate adhoc connection. Best Drivers are from 2015! (Change driver in device manager, pick old driver manual stock from win. You do not need to download any driver!)

1. Open Network and Sharing center and click “Set up a new connection or network”
2. Select “Manually connect to a wireless network”
3. Enter Information for the network you want to add:
– Network name: Road24h
– Security type: WEP
– Security Key: 26xa “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
– Untick/Unselect “Start this connection automatically”

C4 Wi-Fi automatic mode:
To start “C4Wi-Fi_ON” connection I made a simple batch file, it will enable and dissable wifi card before assign new IP to your Wi-Fi card and connect to Road24h adhoc wich is created!
Also included “C4Wi-Fi_OFF” to revert IP back to automatic so you can use internet!

If stock IP ( in “c4wifi_ON.bat” is not right you can right click the .bat file and edit to new IP which works for your C4!
Its only one click rather than go back and forth to change IPs. Also your WiFi card name you can edit in the file to match your wifi card name Stock in .bat file is “Wi-Fi”.

Its important you have made/created the adhoc connection Road24h in above settings before running .bat file! RUN AS ADMIN!! Copy .bat to Document folder, right click and send to desktop. Right click shortcut on desktop and click advanced, tick “Run as admin”. When you click shortcut it will run as admin and do its job!


Any difference on Win10 / Win7 /XP:

  1.  On Win7 / XP

To change the Road24h connection to your usual network, some old adapters need to disable and enable the network adapter in the .bat.


  1.  On WIN10

no need to disable and enable old adapters.

Win 10 Test report: Run batch files with administrator rights on my Windows 10 and works fine. Name of wifi connection must be the same in batch and in network section in control panel.


***Experience for sharing: In my old Toshiba with Intel PRO Wireless 3945ABG it is necessary to disable and enable old adapters, otherwise it is not able to change from the standard network to the adhoc network. And I am using WIN10.



So it will enable and disable the card before apply new IP, no matter old or new pc!!!


If you want to Give special icon to .bat file!
– Copy both .bat files to document forlder.
– Right click files and send to desktop ( This will create a shortcut on your desktop)
– Right click on the .bat file on desktop and change icon to any and apply!
– Change the name of .bat file if you prefer C4

Alright, good luck!

If your sd connect c4 does not work well on win 10 / win7 / XP via WLAN, contact at and send TV for remote assistance.