Review on testing GM Tech2 and TIS 2000 Program

Got some testing done with the GM Tech 2 and TIS 2000 program incl. Tech2 view, service programming system, software download, snapshot upload display etc.

1. GM Tech 2 View:

Main menu:


Service Programming system

View Captured data

GM performance Parts Diagnostics

Tool Options

Getting started

Computer representation of Tech 2 Screen.

You can control Tech 2 with computer keyboard.

2. Service Programming System:

If you forget to put security key in PC.

Select diagnostic tool and programming process.

With security key connected.

Not actually connected to car.

3. Software Download:

Selected Tech 2.

Do not load as version will be downgraded from the English GM 33.004 I am running.

4. Snapshot Upload Display:

Select Upload from Handheld.

Select Tech 2.

Upload started.

Data screen from snapshot.

Selected parameters for 6 line graph. Tech 2 limited to 3 parameters for graphing.

Tech 2 graph from snapshot.

Service ASR on during snapshot capture, went out next time car started.