Possible to use Vida/Dice knock-off for Volvo headlight settings?

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Possible to use Vida/Dice knock-off for Volvo headlight settings?

Question & Answer 1:

I was wondering if those with the VIDA/DICE clones (not the official volvo equipment) have been Successful in buying the software online delivered via a CD-rom and used their VIDA/Dice Clone to upgrade their vehicles.


Yes, it’s possible to update the car’s software via VIDA/DiCE. Even with a DiCE clone. However, the whole process is done via the Internet and the only physical disk you need is the one to install the initial VIDA 2015A software.

You’ll need an active VIDA subscription though, which will cost you about $140 for a 3 day subscription. On top of that, you have to pay between $15-30 for each download you make. This is all done via Volvo and their independent workshop site, Volvo Tech Info. You cannot buy software independently on other sites, like the one you mentioned… It will not work. Their prices on software also may not be accurate.

This process isn’t super complex, but it’s not trivial either. I’d suggest you start by reading the VIDA training documents on the “volvotechinfo.com” website. The ordering is done via VIDA itself and not an external website.

Again, you can seriously mess up your car if you don’t know what you’re doing, and I’d advise caution until you figure it all out.

If you’re serious about doing it… Let me know and I’ll post back with a bit more details on the process.


Question & Answer 2:

Do those chinese knock off VIDA/Dice units capable of making these adjustments and/or others? I am just curious about there functionality? I know they will not do programming to different modules and most of them the Bluetooth function is not operable. Does this sound about right?


Correct that Bluetooth is generally no longer supported by the Chinese hardware. That is effectively the only difference between these and the official units.

The patched VIDA can do everything the registered versions can do. Whether you have an official registered version or not, you must have a paid subscription to download module software from Volvo.

You do not need a software download to change many things, such as headlight settings (DRL on, off, auto lights, etc.) seat heater settings, SUM calibration, SRS service reset, and tons of fault tracing processes.

Also, don’t forget that VIDA, without a DICE, has all the factory service manuals and parts catalogs.

Lastly, the DICE unit (separate from VIDA) is a great OBDii hardware interface that can be used by third parties such as scanning and logging tools, ARD ECU tuning, Hilton ECU tuning, etc.


Question & Answer3:

Is the DICE the blue box with the lights or the interface cable? Just want to make sure I am ordering the correct piece or pieces?


Adjust your headlight preferences. Adjust you seat heating levels. Supposedly toggle the seat-belt chime (I can’t get this to work), toggle the headlight on warning chime…


This is a decent DICE china clone Im using: http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/low-cost-vida-dice-for-volvo.html