PCMTuner Benz C180 EDC17C66 ECU Reading Tutorials

PCMTuner Benz C180 EDC17C66 ECU Reading and Writing Tutorials.

Vehiche Details: Mercedes Benz C180 CDI BLUETEC 116HP 2013-2016


Method: on Bench

Tool: PCMTuner ECU Programmer



  1. Use a universal cable connect the ECU to PCMtuner BENCH/BOOT port

Pinout instruction:

2.USB cable connect laptop and PCMtuner
3. Power adapater connect PCMtuner for ensure power supply
Then You can read and write the ECU

Notice: dont forget make fullbackup before you do any work,that will always make your work safe
Fullbackup mean read eeprom and flash then save it.

Please select the 71 protocols TC1793 for read flash and eeprom when you connect all cable and back to click start read and write(software will forward to read and write GUI).
Attention: all user better read fullbackup( read flash and eeprom) for keep safe.