Openport 2.0 + PCMtuner Dongle + Godiag GT107 Read VW DQ250 Gearbox

How to read VW DQ250 Gearbox data?  Here we use Openport 2.0 + PCMtuner USB Dongle + GODIAG GT107 plus GT105 to do the reading.

Here is the tutorials:

You need to connect the gearbox ECU according to the wiring instructions.

This VW DSG DQ250 gearbox is CAN protocol, you need to press the 120 ohm button.

Connect the openport 2.0 USB Cable and PCMTuner USB dongle

After Connection, Setup Tactrix Openport 2.0 and Open PCMFlash, Choose Interface:J2534: Openport 2.0 J2534 ISO/CAN/VPW/PWM, Choose ECU Module [58] VAG: DQ250E/F/MQB Boot (EEPROM), Then, Identification.

Video Guide: