MPM Read ECU with GODIAG GT105 and OBD2 Jumper Cable

Tutorials: MPM ECU Chip Tuning Tool Read ECU with GODIAG T105 and GODIAG Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper Cable.

Here is the detail steps:

1.Check the ECU model

Find the ECU interface definition diagram,Connect GODIAG Full Protocol OBD2 Jumper Cable by definition.

Confirm that the ECU terminals are connected correctly

Connect the 120 ohm CAN protocol resistor again

Connect the ECU dedicated regulated power supply

Connect GODIAG GT105

Turn on the analog ignition switch to check whether the ECU can send CAN protocol communication [GT105 CAN indicator light on means the ECU can send CAN communication data normally]

Learn more: GODIAG GT105 is a special connection adapter developed for automobile maintenance technicians, anti-theft matching technicians, ECU programming engineers, etc. Since the power source of the product can be converted from a battery to a DC12V power supply, it can also be used to charge some tablets or supply power for independent diagnostic equipment.

Connect the MPM to the computer

Identify vehicle information

Select ECU model and Read ECU data

Video Guide: