Mini Volvo Vocom II Tutorials: WIFI Connection and Firmware Update

What is Mini Volvo Vocom II ?

Mini Volvo Vocom II Adapter 88894200 Truck Diagnostic Tool is produced by ACTIA in Germany, covers all the functions of the VOCOM2 VOCOMII 88890400, which doesn’t need any cables accessories because it can be connected to the laptop via WIFI perfectly. It is a portable vehicle communication device for its size and weight.

How to Connect Mini Volvo Vocom II via WIFI?

Step 1: Power on the vocom II dongle and the lights will be flashing. Find the WIFI signal Vocom2d_****** from the laptop. Click Connect.

Step 2: Input”v2d + SN number”, SN number is 7 digits which you can find it from the back of VOCOMII dongle. Then Click “Next” – “Yes”. Then conection sucessfully.

How to update Mini Volvo Vocom II Firmware?

Please be sure that the Mini VOCOM II dongle be power up by 24 volts ECU or Truck. Low voltage will be affect the firmware update.

After the WIFI Connection, Go to recently added and click the VOCOM II configurator

Choose Advanced — Update Device Firmware

Then Click “Update icon” Start to update.

Updating firmware in progress.

Wait Minutes, then Firmware update complete.

Video Guide: