How to update Godiag V600 License to connect ISTA-D

I paid godiag V600 BMW diagnostic and programming tool, problem connect to ISTA D. engineer replied:

So far, godiag v600 supports network cable and wifi connection (wifi password: 12345678), USB cable is not allowed.

Please open the IToolRadar software, and take a picture for me to see.

Here is the image of IToolRadar software:

And they replied:

Your godiag v600 firmware needs to update the license.

I don’t have an upgrade tool at home now. I will work tomorrow for you teamviewer to solve it remotely.

Arrange remote assistance:

Godiag connected with lan

And I was required to tear up this password paper and send him the password inside, then disconnect lan cable and v600, then reconnect again.

Finally, the firmware license of Godiag v600 has been updated by Teamviewer.

Next is to have a test. At first, it still didn’t work and the engineer found that my ISTA-D software 4.21 was old and he advised me to use the new software ISTA-D 4.27.20 (you can buy from them or find the newest software by yourself), finally it works fine.

I found they are also available with Godiag v600 with newest software ISTA-D 4.27.20 ISTA-P (Look at the package image below).

Many thanks to his quick help. I will go on using Godiag v600 to see what BMW models and how deep it can diagnose and program.