How to safely use VVDI2 OBD program CAS4/CAS4+ key?

Topic: how to ensure safety when VVDI2 BMW V6.6.1 is programming cas4/cas4+ keys via OBD?

Official Solution: use BMW E-sys to program, it will be safe.

For E-sys software, you can google search ” bmw esys ” and maybe there are free source.

or you can click on have one cheap BMW ENET cable with E-SYS software, like this one:




There are 3 related questions and answers:

1st question:

I did two CAS 4 already with VVDI2 and seems to be funny. I found two issues:
One of them could not reset mileage despite say OK
Another one could not restore coding even with Autohex.
Eventually fixed everything but tooooo long.


Do you recommend backing up coding with esys first? If you brick the CAS do you think esys could reflash it by obd?


2nd question:

Cas4 by obd2 is only for key learning.
Its safe because we do not need to write any memory (like mileage…)
Its just read mcu.
And make dealer key.
Like bmwexplorer



The cas also needs to be preprocessed, if any error when preprocessing, it also has risk.

So it’s still better to make a backup first…

If you do backup than you don’t need downgrade it. You can generate keys with your backup files

Actually if you look in the pic it vvdi will flash mcu.


3rd question:

So basically this function is only for people with balls because usually you should make backup and if you do backup you can generate keys easier from backup dumps…



Most tools on the market use this method

I presume it becomes more common in a while when more people will use it.


Share 2 test reports of VVDI2 done CAS4/CAS4+:


1st test report: BMW 520 F10 2016

BMW CAS4 by obd works fine using Xhorse VVDI2. Takes about 10-15min to unlock it. Than key programming with ignition.
BMW 520 F10 2016

Always connected battery when working on BMW.



2nd test report: BMW 535 GT CAS4 All Keys Lost

BMW 535 GT CAS4 All Keys Lost Done by VVDI2 By OBD
By the Key Foe Keys Copy

Thanks to المفتاح لنسخ المفاتيح

bmw-535-gt-cas4-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-by-obd-02 bmw-535-gt-cas4-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-by-obd-03 bmw-535-gt-cas4-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-by-obd-04 bmw-535-gt-cas4-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-by-obd-05 bmw-535-gt-cas4-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-by-obd-06 bmw-535-gt-cas4-all-keys-lost-done-by-vvdi2-by-obd-07