How to install VW ODIS 5.1.6 PostSetup 89.5.30 on win7 32bit?

ODIS 5.1.6 PostSetup 89.5.30 is tested working fine with any of these diagnostic interface: VAS 5054, VAS 5055, VAS 6154, VAS 6154A, PassThru etc. The following parts are about how to install ODIS 5.1.6 PostSetup 89.5.30 for VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 on win7 32bit, and test it to diagnose VW 3 C – Passat 2006 USA /CAN 2007 successfully via both USB cable and WIFI network.



1.Copy all VW ODIS 5.1.6 software from the DVD to your disk D.

When you copy for the first time, it only display PostSetup.part1 to part08; you need to right click on DVD again and select “Eject”, then open DVD to copy PostSetup.part09 to part18;

One more time to select “Eject”, then open DVD to copy PostSetup.part19 to part28;

Last time to select “Eject”, then open DVD to copy PostSetup.part29 to part38;

odis-5-1-6-install-01 odis-5-1-6-install-02


2.Back to Disk (D:), right click on “PostSetup.part01”, then “Extract here”.



3.Select all PostSetup.part01 to PostSetup.part38, delete them.


4.Open “0.DTLite4454 -0314”.

The windows get message ” You must restart your computer to turn off user account control”, just restart the computer.



Select one language;

All access;

I agree;

License type: free license;

Choose components (as default);




Soon, DTSOFT Virtual CdRom Device driver software is installed successfully.



Click on “Don’t install” Desktop Gadgets;

Google Chrome is installation;

DAEMON Tools Lite has been installed on your computer.


Click on “Allow access” when you get message “Windows firewall has blocked some features of this program”.

Click on “Ask me later” for IE browser, and click on “Close all tabs”.


Right click on the blank space of Daemon Tools Lite, Add Images;

Select Computer -> Software (D:) -> ODIS 5.1.6-> PostSetup;

Right click on ” PostSetup.iso”, select “Mount”;

Close “AutoPlay”;

Close ” Daemon Tools Lite”.

odis-5-1-6-install-07 odis-5-1-6-install-08 odis-5-1-6-install-09


Open Software (D:) -> ODIS 5.1.6-> 1.Windows Update;

Right click on “My computer”, then “Properties”, what I use is win7 32bit;

So I choose Windows6.1-KB2921916-x86;

Windows software update successfully;

Back to open “Windows6.1-KB2992611-X86” to complete the update.

Back to open “Windows6.1-KB3033929-x86” to update.

Note: Please do not click on “Restart now”.

odis-5-1-6-install-10 odis-5-1-6-install-11


Open “2. OffboardDiagSetup – Service _VWMCD_5_1_6-B51_6_0_10”, please “Run as administrator”.



Select Language.



Next -> Next -> Next;

Diagnostic interface: VAS 5054, VAS 5055,VAS 6154A, PassThru;



Next -> Next -> search “the license” (Open “3.Launcher +License + plugins 5.1.6”, copy “license.dat” and paste it on the desktop.) -> Next

odis-5-1-6-install-15 odis-5-1-6-install-16 odis-5-1-6-install-17


Next -> Next ->installing ODIS -> Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable -> Install the driver software.

ODIS setup Assistant setup complete.

odis-5-1-6-install-18 odis-5-1-6-install-19


On the desktop, right click on “Offboard Diagnostic Information System”, select “Properties”;

Open file location;

Open Software (D:) -> ODIS 5.1.6-> “3.Launcher +License + plugins 5.1.6” ->Copy “OffboardDiagLauncher” and paste it to Local disk (C:) ODIS folder.



In the same method, open Plugins and copy the file into the same plugins folder of Local disk (C:), and replace it.



On the desktop, right click on “Offboard Diagnostic Information System”, select ” Run as administrator”.

Select Local driver (shown as below);

User name: abc; passsword: abc;

Next language: multi-lingual;


Diagnostic data update is available.


Restart computer.

odis-5-1-6-install-22 odis-5-1-6-install-23 odis-5-1-6-install-24


Open computer ->software (D:) -> ODIS 5.1.6 -> Patch -> Copy “Softing”;

Paste “Softing” into Computer ->Local Disk (C:) -> Program files;

odis-5-1-6-install-25 odis-5-1-6-install-26 odis-5-1-6-install-27 odis-5-1-6-install-28 odis-5-1-6-install-29


Open computer ->software (D:) -> ODIS 5.1.6 -> Copy “Drivers” and paste it on the desktop.

Open “Drivers” on the desktop, then “VX Manager”.

odis-5-1-6-install-30 odis-5-1-6-install-31 odis-5-1-6-install-32


Select VAG -ODIS 6154.


Next ;



Computer – Manage -Device Manager- COM5, that is the driver is installed well.



Open “Vx Manager”;

Click on “Firmware”, then “Upgrade”;

Exit Vx Manager.

odis-5-1-6-install-35 odis-5-1-6-install-36


On the desktop, open Offboard Diagnostic Information System;

Click on “Cancel”.

Read the warning /notes and click on “OK;

Click on “OBD”, then “Start self diagnosis”;

Select model: VW 3 C – Passat 2006 USA /CAN 2007.

ODIS 5.1.6 can access to all control systems;

DTCs are read out.

End odis.

odis-5-1-6-install-37 odis-5-1-6-install-38 odis-5-1-6-install-39 odis-5-1-6-install-40


Next is to Disconnect the USB and connect WIFI to test ODIS 5.1.6

You can see I connect to VAS 6154 network, then open Offboard Diagnostic Information System to do diagnosis successfully.

odis-5-1-6-install-41 odis-5-1-6-install-42 odis-5-1-6-install-43

That’s all!