How to install Multilanguage HDS

HDS is verified working fine with the hardware Honda HDS:


HDS download:
HDS is contained in a CD and ship to the users.

HDS installation video:
This video made by engineer, and he run at xp.

HDS Installation Tips:
1.Destination selection is random, please operate by following the prompt.
2.If it asks for dealer number, just follow the prompt to enter. For example, when I select “Other” destination, it asks for 12 digits number, I just enter 12 digits “12”.

honda 3.016.033 install video area sp15-Honda 3.016.033 dealer number-02

3.HDS language note:
The language option depends on the destination selection.


4.You are supposed to select com1, otherwise HDS won’t work.

sp15-Honda 3.016.033 Install com1

Hope it helps!