How to install Ghost Windows Xp Professional SP3

How to step-by-step install Ghost Windows Xp Professional SP3.

Step 1: Download the compressed file ” Ghost Windows Xp Professional Sp3 Free” at


Step 2: Uncompress it

Step 3: Record the ISO file into the CD.

Step 4: Insert CD into CD-ROM

Step 5: press the POWER button to turn on the computer

Step 6: press F12 key, the computer enter into setup menu, Start booting from DVD.

Step 7: choose the option ” A: setup ghost xp3 English on C: drive. ”

Step 8: the system starts to automatically install as the following shows.

Step 9: after the computer reboots, it will start the driver configuration.

Step 10: the computer reboots.

Step 11: after the system setup succeeds; one dialogue box appears and named “Conver NTFS”, the content is “soon restart and convert the system CD into NTFS format?” Click “Yes” to confirm.


Step 12: NTFS conversion is ongoing.


Step 13: change the system language to English (United States) as the following shows.

(Both “Regional Options” and “Advanced” Language need to reset as English (United States)



If your computer failed to install Ghost Windows Xp Professional Sp3, try another one computer, advice you better use Dell D630.

About 80% of our supplied products need to run with Ghost Windows Xp Professional Sp3, I.E FGTECH, kess v2, ktag, Renault Can clip, VAS5054A, Toyota IT2.