How to install BMW EF scanner driver and use BMW Explorer software?

BMW EF scanner driver installation in step by step procedure, BMW Explorer capabilities including. read & clear fault codes, change VIN, coding etc., user manuals in English.


Insert CD to the computer


Extract the “bmw ef scanner 07” to the desktop


The CD info including:










bmw-efbmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-01-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-01


Part 1: Install driver

You can see the BMW FE scanner is connected to the computer via USB cable, and the indicator turns red.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-02


And you receive a message “Device driver software was not successfully installed”

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-03


Right click “Computer”-> “Manager”-> “Device Manager” -> Right click “FT232R USB JART” then “Update Driver software”

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-04


Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”

Search for driver software in this location, then NEXT.

C:\Users\AADD\Desktop\bmw efscanner 07\Drivers

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-05 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-06 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-07

Install this driver software Anyway.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-07


Windows has successfully updated your driver software.

But get message “Device driver software was not successfully installed” at the right corner of computer.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-09

Back to Right click “Computer”-> “Manager”-> “Device Manager” -> Right click “USB Serial Port” then “Update Driver software”

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-10


Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-11

Install this driver software Anyway.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-12

Successfully updated your driver software

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-13


You could see “BMW-Explorer(COM4)” in the device manager, that means BMW FE scanner established a good communication with the computer.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-14


Part 2: BMW Explorer Quick test, read faults, change VIN and coding.


Back to the folder “BMW EF scanner 07”, right click “BMW_Explorer” then “Run as administrator”.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-15


Go to the BMW Explorer menu

Click on “Help” then “Setup”.

Searching COM port 4

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-16 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-17 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-17 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-19


Click on “Quick Test”

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-20 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-21


Click on “Stop” then “MSV80 – Motor Electronics N51/N52K”, after the information is read out, click on “Read faults” for the results.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-22


Change VIN

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-23


Coding on the following models

Coding E90 for example.

The following functions work.

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-24


Part 3: BMW EF scanner manual

Here English User Manual

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-25 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-26

Driver Electronics


bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-27


Encoding FA

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-28


Lock/Unlock Keys

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-29

Read/Write keys

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-30 bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-31


ELV reset

bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-32



bmw-ef-scanner-driver-install-and-bmw-explorer- usage-33

That’s all for BMW EF scanner driver installation, BMW explorer functions & user manuals.