How to import FSC code using ESYS comfort mode to fix Kafas4?

How to import these codes using E-SYS software in order to fix kafas4 for SLI function? Could you provide step by step direction for me? I have G30. Thank you in advance.

How to import FSC code using ESYS comfort mode to fix Kafas4

Try to:

  1. Export Mode > FSC-Extended
    2. Diag Address: 0x5d
    3. Press Identify
    4. From list: Select “StoreFSC” and press “>>” button. Select “CheckFSC” and press “>>” button.
    6. At end of “FSC:” box, Press “…” button and select “FSC_XXXXXXX_######.fsc” file.
    7. Press “Start” button and check for two “ok” results.
    8. Repeat step 6 as needed.


I also saw the guide with Comfort Mode said that you should setup the .der file firstly before import FSC file.


Comfort mode is faster and easier.  Takes about 1-2 minutes and the FSC is in it.  You do not need a certificate or anything else, just the FSC and you’re done.


Look here: how to Import and Activate an FSC Code

Well, that is the basic idea, but only the tip of the iceberg.

When you got your SAT Radio FSC Code, you should have received 3 files:

e.g. xxxxxxx_006F0001.xml
e.g. xxxxxxx_006F0001.der (FSC Code Certificate)
e.g. xxxxxxx_006F0001.fsc (FSC Code)

E-Sys => Options => Settings => FSC Tab => Certificate Field:

Load FSC Code Certificate (e.g. xxxxxxx_006F0001.der)

E-Sys => Comfort Mode => FSC => FSC Field:

Load FSC Code (e.g. xxxxxxx_006F0001.fsc. The FSC Code file must first be Base 64 Decoded or else E-Sys can not read it. (Use B64Dec for Decoding –

FA Field: Select “Read FA” to use cars current VO.

Parameter Fields: (Example for Sat Radio FSC Code and CIC):

Diagnostic Address (hex) = 63 (99 in Decimal for HU_CIC; I think the same for HU_NBT)
Application Number (dec) = 111 (6F in Hexidecimal – In FSC File Name, e.g xxxxxxx_006F0001.fsc)
Base Variant = HU_CIC (CIC module name, e.g. HU_CIC, HU_NBT, etc.)
Upgrade Index = 1 (In FSC File Name, e.g xxxxxxx_006F0001.fsc))

Select “Upgrade FSC” to Import and Activate FSC Code.

Select “Check FSC Status”, and you should see:

AppID 111
UpgradeIndex 1
SWTType SWTclassic full
FSCStatus accepted
FSCCertStatus accepted


Note 1: comfort mode is faster but still the correct certificate .der file must be loaded in FSC tab in settings of Esys for every FSC ID ,

in extended mode , store FSC and checkFSC is not enough if that FSC has certificate file , storeCert and checkCert must be also processed before storeFSC and checkFSC .

in Extended mode , once storeCert is added to the action list ( moved from left to right list ) Esys will ask for the location of the .der file , while in Comfort mode there will be no popup message for .der file but the FSC file will not be stored if the correct .der file was not provided first in the FSC tab of Esys settings .

some modules doesn’t require .der file for every ID , for example EVO ID5/ID6 .


Note 2: What is the difference between FSC code and FSCcertStatus?

The FSC Code is the actual enabling code.

The FSCCert is the BMW digital certificate that checks and authorizes the FSC Code to be Imported and Activated.

All that matters in the end though is the the FSC Code has status “Accepted”.