How to generate BMW FSC code by BMW AiCoder and ENET cable?

In this blog you can: 1. Download BMW AiCoder 4.6 software. 2. Know how to get BMW FSC code to update BMW navigation map using BMW AiCoder and BMW ENET cable! Easy way than E-SYS!


Step 1 Preparation

Free download BMW AiCoder V4.6 in mega:!YUEWAQiJ!yChazS-0_JjnhaiJtL_HU0uuoROMOZb6TjtZb0ssKrg


Get a cheap $16.99 BMW ENET cable here:


Step 2 let’s do it!

After install BMW AiCoder, connect your car with laptop via ENET cable.

Click “DetectCar” then “Connect” to connect to the vehicle.


Click “Get ECUs List” to bring up the list of all modules.


Click the “FSC” button or select “FSC Tools” from the menu to run the FSC tool as below screen shown.


Now the FSC Tool screen will be displayed. In the left list, double-click “00DE” which means navigation or select 00DE and press “Load FSC” button.

For Country, in this example, enter 00A6, which means Korea. (You shoulf enter the code according to your own)

Enter 0028, which is the version of this map in VerCode.

The remaining VIN or NBT / CIC information will already be entered, so there is no further change.

When you click the “Generate” button, you get FSC code created at the bottom!!!