How to do BMW F15 X5 FDL Coding by E-Sys 3.27.1 and ENET Cable?

Here is a detailed guide to show you: How use E-Sys 3.27.1 and $16.99 BMW ENET coding cable to do BMW FDL Coding HUD Head-up Display for BMW F15 X5? Check below!


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STEPS: BMW F15 X5 FDL coding by BMW E-sys and ENET cable

Note: Before FDL coding, please do VO coding first because VO coding will overwrite FDL coded values.

BMW VO Coding guide here:

Connect BMW X5 with E-Sys software by BMW ENET cable.

Open BMW E-Sys, click the “Connect” button then select the target chassis F15.


Select “Expert Mode” on the left side and click the “Coding” button.

In Vehicle Order section (upper left), click the “Read” button and it will display the FA folder. Right click it and choose “Activate FA”.



Go to SVT Actual section (lower right) and click “Read SVT” button.


Then it will display the whole SVT folder, which contains all the ECU folders of your car.

Below the KOMBI folder you will see a green option CAFD file. Right click it and select “Read coding data”.


After that you will see following message, just close it.



Right click the CAFD file and select “Edit FDL”. The CAFD file will open.


You can see FDL Editor as below:

Enter the coordinates in the search bar to find the desired coordinates.

You can find some keywords by typing them without having to type in all the coordinates.


Expand the folder “HUD_SPRACHEINGABE_ENABLE” and find the value “nicht_aktiv” (It means “disable”).

Right click to choose “Edit” then change the value to “aktiv” (It means “able”).



After change value, FDL Coding is not complete!

You should click the “Save” button.

This is not a step to save the value to the vehicle, but to temporarily store the value on computer.

Then click the “Back” button to exit the FDL Editor screen.


In SVT Actual section, you can find the “Code FDL” button. Click it to transfer the coding values you temporarily saved to your computer to your car.

Note: It’s “Code FDL” button not “Code” button. Code button is a button to initialize coding.


Wait it 100% complete then click “Close”.

In this way, you use BMW E-Sys and BMW ENET Interface Cable to do BMW FDL coding, change HUD display successfully!