How to add BMW CAS3+ New Key by Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro

Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro add new keys to BMW CAS3 with OBD cable.

Main steps to add BMW CAS3 key:

Step 1: Read key info

Step 2: Prepare dealer key with programmer

Step 3: Add Key

Connect VVDI Key Tool Max Pro to the vehicle via the OBD cable

Insert the original key to start the car

Enter Key Tool Max main menu

Select IMMO Programming>> BMW>> Automatically diagnose models>> program immo

The current system type is detected as CAS3++ (ISTAP), about to enter the system operation interface, just wait a moment

Step 1: Read key info

Follow the instruction to choose add key method (add keys or all keys lost)

Click YES to select Add Key

Confirm the vehicle info

Now the status of ignition switch is key 1

Continue to program immo

Pay attention to the notes:

  • The operation requires the CAS to be installed on the car, and operation on the platform may cause the steering lock failure.
  • Current CAS is ISTAP version. We need flash CAS firmware to continue OBD operation.
  • Flash firmware need about 10 minutes. Make sure your notebook and car with enough power.
  • Suggestion 1: If thecar is low power, supply extra power to the car.
  • Suggestion 2: If you have enough time and you can read CAS flash and eeprom before continue.

Press YES to start flash CAS firmware

  • The dealer key should be taken from ignition switch.
  • If key is keyless, please move it out of car.
  • If there’s no key in ignition, continue anyway

Take out the original key and press OK to continue

Insert the original key to ignition and switch on to program

Take out the original key and continue

Read data successfully

Both the key 1 and key2 are used keys with PCF7953

Save the data with new filename

Step 2: Prepare dealer key with programmer

Select one unused key to be operated (e.g. key 3)

CAS key data is encrypted, support make dealer key for it, press OK to continue

Put the new key into the Key Tool Max Pro programmer detection position

Confirm if the current key is a smart key

Make dealer key successfully

Step 3: Add Key

This function adds the newly key to the IMMO

Need to be executed ‘Generate dealer key- Use programmer’ function to generate key

Put the new key into VVDI Key Tool Max Pro again

Also confirm if the current key is a smart key

Take away the original key from the ignition switch and continue

Writing data success

Now the new dealer key successfully written to CAS system

Start the engine with the new key to check if it can use

The car and remote work well

Read the key info again

Now the status of ignition switch is key 3.