How to Activate Fetrotech Tool with Patch File and Activation Code by Yourself?

Fetrotech Tool ECU Programmer used to be activated by sending the machine code and SN to factory, and get back two files to put them in the corresponding locations to perform. But now if you buy Fetrotech Tool from August 9th, 2023, you can activate the device with the patch file (FE Version patch) and activation code/SN (on the device’s backside) by yourself. One device corresponds to one activation code. No taskbar crash problem!

Both Fetrotech Tool Sliver Color (#SE162) and Black Color Stand-alone (#SE162-B) support the new activation method.

But for the old customers who have already activated the device, it’s not recommended to reinstall and activate Fetrotech Tool software again in this method. If you have the taskbar crash issue, click here to check the corresponding solution.

Whats new of Fetrotech Tool?

1.Easy install

2.Fixed some of the medc17 checksum error

3.Added some of medc17 bypass

4.Solved the taskbar crash

5.Changed the login method for Fetrotech Tool user

6.Support automatic activation, no need to contact seller to activate.


How to install and activate Fetrotech Tool software?

Step 1. Download Fetrotech tool software and FE Version patch

Download Fetrotech tool software from the PCMTuner official website (

Download FE Version patch

Step 2. Install Fetrotech tool Setup and AMT driver

Turn off anti-virus program before installing software.

Follow the prompt to install Fetrotech tool Setup and AMT driver

After installing, it will ask you to input the user name, email, country and phone number, and then click “Submit”.

Fetrotech has been installed successfully.

Step 3. Activate Fetrotech Tool with patch files and activation code

Extract FE version zip patch file to the desktop

Open FE Version folder

Follow the copy place to copy the files:

  • Copy FE venison folders all files (AmtTools.dll, AmtTools.sys, FetrotechTool.dll)

And replace them into these two folders:



  • Copy Fetrotech tool.exe file and replace it in to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Fetrotech

  • Copythe FEkey file in the FE version folder to desktop , don’t change its name

Open the FEkey.txt, input the SN on your device’s backside, please use with the capital letter, and then save it.

Don’t change the file name or anything! Don’t use spaces!

Don’t delete the FEkey.txt file! Otherwise, the software will not be opened.

Step 4. Obtain the highest administrator privileges of the system

Plug fetrotch tool USB to the laptop, and start the software

Go to computer management>> device manager to check if the device is well connected

Then run Fetrotech Tool software on the desktop

The taskbar disappears and will not come back. You need to obtain the highest administrator privileges of the system.

Press and hold the keyboard [Ctrl+Alt+Delete] key combination to enter the task manager

Restart Windows Explorer

Click Run and input command: gpedit.msc and come to Locak Group Policy Editor

Go to Windows Settings>> Security settings>> Local Policies>> Security Options

Disable user account control: Admin Approval Mode for the built-in Administrator account

Disable user account control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode

Then restart computer

Connect Fetrotech with 12V power supply and connect to PC via USB cable

Run Fetrotech Tool software to use normally.

Fetrotech Tool Silver Color work with PCMTuner:

Fetrotech Tool Black Color Stand-alone: